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What Makes Dubrovnik Famous?

What Makes Dubrovnik Famous?

I’ve never been a fan of the medieval age. It’s filled with countless wars, plagues, and the communities are never safe against the abuse of robbers and powerful nobles. Nevertheless, medieval-themed movies greatly interest me. And just like me – if you’re into shows like Game of Thrones, Knightfall, and Catherdral of the Sea, visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has been a site of many movies, both historical and modern, due to its peculiar landscape and one of the oldest cities in the Middetarranean. Many come to visit the castles, the stone-built homes with orange roofings, and of course, the coastal scenery of the nearby Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik has been a site of many movies, both historical and modern, due to its peculiar landscape and as one of the oldest cities in the Middetarranean. Many come to visit the castles, the stone-built homes with orange roofings, and of course, the coastal scenery of the nearby Adriatic Sea.

Tourists who arrived in Dubrovnic reach a record high 2019 – 1.5 million. But why do so many come anyway?

Dubrovnic is, without a doubt, a beautiful city. It’s atop a rocky landscape that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Thus, hotels, houses, inns, and restaurants allow visitors to see the sunset and the meeting of the sea and the horizon. On Dubrovnik’s back is the Srd mountain, where tourists can take a hike to reach the top and see the grandeur of the entire city.

The houses even look great. Most follow the traditional European design – walls made out of stone and orange slate or clay roofing. These provide a kaleidoscopic show to tourists viewing the city from the peak of Srd mountain, especially during the sunset.

But the highlight of Dubrovnik is the walls that surround it, and the castles and fortresses within its premises. Proceed to the next section for a more detailed discussion of the brief history and top sights of Dubrovnik.

Refugees from Epidaurus founded the city of Dubrovnik in the 7th century B.C. The purpose of their arrival was for survival and not conquest – the refugees saw the location where Dubrovnic now stands as an escape haven after the Avars, a group o Eurasian nomads, destroyed and ransacked their town.

Dubrovnik quickly became an established city due to its proximity to the Adriatic sea. The Adriatic provided it with all the resources for the inhabitants to live an abundant life, such as fish. Even so, the greatest gift that the sea bestowed didn’t come in the form of marine resources or raw goods from the land but instead came from something more commercial – maritime trade and political connections.

Both the Venice and Byzantine empire crafted political connections with Dubrovnik. As for Dubrovnik, it craftily used its importance to both for leveraging itself. Goods from Venice and Byzantine abundantly arrived in Dubrovnik, and these fueled its economic prosperity.

Venice got Dubrovnik under its control. However, the city broke free from its grasp with the Treaty of Zadar, This very same treaty bestowed Dubrovnik with independence and political authority. As a result, it later became a Republic and existed as an independent city-state from the 14th century-19th century. At present, Dubrovnik is a part of Croatia.

Walls of Dubrovnik

What Makes Dubrovnik Famous?

Dubrovnik is a unique city because surrounding its entirety is an expensive wall complex. The walls of Dubrovnik provided the city with military advantage during times of war for it precluded invaders from entering the city from the sea and the land.

The walls within the city are categorized into sea walls and land walls. The land walls that protect the city from invaders coming by foot reach 13 feet, 20 feet, or 80 feet. These walls are made out of fortified construction and are very think that seige equipment and cannonballs don’t have any effects.

Installed on the land walls are gates located in specific parts of the city. These gates either provide access to the mainland or access to the harbor. Namely, they’re Gate of Pile, Gate of Ploce, and Gate of Buza.

On the other hand, the sea walls are a series of interconnecting walls that conjoin on the forts of Dubrovnik.

They reach a height of 5 feet or 16 feet. The sea walls protected Dubrovnik from the attacks of invaders initiated at the sea, especially the Venicians.

Dubrovnik Castles and Fortress

What Makes Dubrovnik Famous?

To make the wall reinforcements better, castles and fortresses are in Dubrovnik as strategic points at war times. These are some of the best fortresses for you to see:

Imperial Fortress – The imperial fortress is on the top of Dubrovnik’s Mt.Srd and have existed since the 1812. At present, it acts as a museum that keeps numerous armaments and gun emplacements. During the seige of Old Town in 1990, the Imperial Fortress played a pivotal role in fighting the Balkan invaders.

Fortress of St Lawrence – On Western Dubrovnik atop a 37 meter tall rock formation is the Fortress of St. Lawrence. Records show that it existed since 1301. For many years, this fortress protected
Dubrovnik from attacks coming from land and sea

Minceta Fortress – It’s hard to miss Minceta Fortress because it’s on the highest point of Dubrovnik so its easily seen. The flags on its tower are also a distinguishable trait. Minceta Fortress provides a wonderful view of the Dubrovnik landscape and the surrounding sea.

As for the castles , you might to visit:

Palace Knezev Dvor – Palace Knezev Dvor is a major tourist hotspot in Dubrinvik’s old town. This palace served as the highest seat of power when Dubrovnik became a republic. It features the architectural elements of Venezian-Gothic. At present this palace serves as a local museum and as a local music hall. Near to it is the Old Town’s Luza Square.

Divona Palace – Having existed since the 15th century, Divona Palace boasts a very attractive facade.
There’s nothing to see inside. However, it’s worth the stop if you’re going to the nearby town square.

What To See In Dubrovnik Old Town?

What Makes Dubrovnik Famous?

The Old Town district is a spot on the portruding portion of Dubrovnik’s landscape that is a hotspot of historical buildings. In here, you’ll find old monasteries, churches, squares, and monasteries that have existed since the city was built. On the nearby port are boats and yachts for rent if you want to go fishing or go cruising on the Adriatic sea.

Monasteries in Dubrovnik town that you should visit are the Dominican Monastery, the Franciscan Monasety, and Monastery Musem. On the other hand, churches where you can visit to see masses are St.Blaise, Church of Saint Saviour, and Dubrovnik Catherdral. Monuments taking cool photos are the Onofrijeva Cesma, Orlandov Column, Jesuit Stairs, and the Bell Tower.

Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations

Due to its highly medieval setting, Dubrovnik has been the setting for many films. One of the most famous that utilized its spots is Game of Thrones. Here’s a quick list of all locations in Dubrovnik where some scenes of the series took place.

Lorvrijenac Fortress – Western Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik West Pier – Just east of Lovrijenac Fortress and only a walking distance away

Dubrovnik Pile Harbor – Just a walk away from the fortifications of the Old Town

Fort Bokar – Another great fortress , and famous for its cyllindrical structure. This one sits on the rock cliff adjacent to Lovrijenac Fortress

Gradac Park – a small park that’s within the vicinity of Lovrijenac , and highly popular for its well trimmed trees and clean surroundings, and water fountain

Dubrovnik Riviera

In Croatia is a 20-kilometer coast that connects Dubrovnik to the nearby town of Cavtat otherwise known as Dubrovnik Riviera. Composing the Dubrovnik Riviera are five beaches namely Kupari, Srebreno, Mlini, Soline, and Plat. On the backside of the coastline is a road that serves as a direct route from Cavtat to Dubrovnik and vice-versa.

Dubronvick Rivier is famous due to the scenic backdrop of the trees which provides a wonderful contrast to the white sillhouette of Srd mountain during the summer. The emerald waters are great for swimming and kayaking or canoeing excursions.

Only a few establishments and around. That’s why Dubronvick Riviera serves best for escaping the fracas of the city. Secure a parasol, drinks, and food from the city before coming as stores and equipment rentals are far away.

Which Is The Best Part of Dubrovnik To Stay?

Booking the inns within Dubrovnik’s old town is the best. Hotels are on the far side of the city. This means that you’ll have to ride public transit for visiting the castles, fortresses, monasteries, and churches. But if you’re in the Old Town inns, all tourist spots are quick to access.

Dubrovnik Croatia Nightlife

To put it honestly, Dubrovnik is not the place that you would want to go for nightlife. The city bustles during the day. However, the lack of hefty bars, clubs, and pubs make it very peaceful at night. At night, what’s left to do is to go shopping or drink a glass or two at some of the bars.

If you want to spend your night raving until dawn, head to Copacobana Beach. This might be the only place in Dubrovnik that provides quality night beach parties for tourists complete with wine, beer, cocktails, roasts, fast food, and seafood. You might also want to try Latino Fuego Club near Dubrovnik’s Pile Gate or Lazareti.

Free Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik doesn’t have a lot of free things to offer. However, it can still accommodate you if you’re running out of budget for experiencing the premium tourist attractions. Here are the top free things to do in Dubrovnik before ending this article:

1.Explore Dubrovnik Riviera
2.Walk around the streets of Old Town
3.Spend a day relaxing at Graca Park
4.Take photos of fortresses
5.Hike on the trails of Mount Srd
6.Go window shopping at Dubronvic Shopping Center
7.Watch the live performances of street guitarists, violinists, and pianists

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