9 Best Ski Resorts in Finland

Skiing in Finland is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. As you may know, this is a European destination with a very harsh winter, which includes many days of snow and cold that can be “scary” for some people who prefer the summer weather.

As much as it seems too cold and too snowy, discovering the best ski resort in Finland can become a beautiful and unforgettable tour for you. And did you know that it is precisely in this season that the natural and unique beauties of Finland appear? The Northern light, for example, can only be seen at this time of year, when the temperature in Lapland drops sharply.

Here, in this article, I will give you a list of the 9 best ski resorts in Finland for you to enjoy an incredible trip.

Ski Resorts in Finland

1. Levi Ski Resort

Levi is considered one of the finest ski resorts in Finnish Lapland, located just 170 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Its territory is literally strewn with slopes, which number up to fifty.

Levi’s surroundings are relatively flat, making them ideal for other activities such as cross-country skiing, Nordic walking, dog sledding, and hiking. It also means that the views from the top of Levi are amazing, especially on a clear day. It is a great vacation destination throughout the year when you consider these activities and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights or the midnight sun.

There are several bars, restaurants and plenty of accommodation in a fairly compact area. For this reason, Levi hosts numerous high-profile ski competitions.

Season to ski here

From mid-November, the snowy slopes of Levi are open to skiers. They last until the end of April. The best skiing season is divided into two periods: for those who are not afraid of frost, the ideal is from November-December, spring (March-April) is preferred by residents of countries with a temperate climate.

2. Himos Ski Resort

Himos is considered one of the best ski resorts in central Finland. It is easy to cross from one slope to another thanks to a well-organized network of inter-highway crossings. The resort is quite young and is actively developing.

On its territory, there are slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, and there are 21 of them. Skiers are brought upstairs by 15 modern lifts. On the slopes, for beginners, there are free lifts. All tracks are equipped with snow cannons, which maintain an optimal amount of snow cover throughout the season.

Himos is very popular with both tourists and locals due to its convenient location, as well as the Himoset Ski School, whose instructors are famous for their professionalism.

The guests of the resort are accommodated in hotels where the service is provided on the principle of “all inclusive,” or in self-service cottages. You can spend your free time skiing in a restaurant, a nightclub, or a Finnish sauna. There is also a large public pool nearby with a wide range of relaxing treatments.

Season to ski here

The climate in this area is quite unusual: there is little precipitation in winter (the lack of snow cover is compensated by artificial ones), the largest amount of snow is in March. Therefore, the best period for skiers is March-April.

3. Iso-Syote Ski Resort

This is one of Finland’s best ski resorts near Helsinki City or Oulu. Being Finland’s pride, Iso-Syote garnered that world ski awards from 2017 until 2019. Furthermore, this resort also receives the most snowfall in Finland, where snow may accumulate up to 62 centimeters.

The most popular spot in Iso-Syote is the freestyle snow park which spans 2 kilometers. This is where most beginners and families spend their time. Nevertheless, other spots are available for seasoned skiers and snowboarders.

Comprising this ski resort are 17 other slopes having difficulties ranging from class 1 – 8. As for getting to the top of the slopes, ten lifts are within the vicinity. These will take you safely along the different spots without trouble. Also, in Iso-Syote are log cabins where you can rest and escape the cold.

Season to ski here

A feature of the resort is the presence of snow at any time of the year. Therefore, the skiing season is quite long, from late November to mid-May.

4. Pello Ski Resort

Pello is located in western Lapland, 100 kilometers from Rovaniemi and 25 kilometers from the Swedish resort of Pullinki. Pello has 200 kilometers of trails, the longest of which stretches for almost one and a half kilometers. Here you can also go snowmobiling and arrange reindeer or dog sled races.

There are 16 tracks for skiers and snowboarders and tracks for children and for night skiing. It is worth noting that the main road to the Arctic Circle runs through this resort.

Besides downhill skiing and snowboarding, Pello is great for fishing. The Muonio Tornio River is home to wild salmon, a very rare fish.

Season to ski here

Lapland’s cold climate encourages an early start to the skiing season. Already at the end of November, the slopes are covered with snow, and the thermometer shows -7. Temperatures drop further during the winter months. Therefore, the resort is more visited in March and April, when the slopes are still completely covered with snow, and the air is getting warmer.

5. Ruka Ski Resort

The ski resort of Ruka is one of the largest and best ski resorts in Finland. It boasts not only for being very well equipped, but being the first to open its doors for skiing.

For skiing and snowboarding, the Ruka ski resort has 34 slopes having a thick accumulation of snow that doesn’t expose you to any kind of danger. You may also reach the top of each slope via the 21 ski lifts. The longest groomed slope reaches 1300 meters, and the widest vertical groomed slope spans for 201 meters.

Ruka is one of Finland’s best ski resorts. It was the host of world ski awards for four consecutive years, specifically the years 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013. Of course, such an achievement isn’t only due to Ruka’s wonderful skiing and snowboarding environment. The rivers, lakes, and trees that make the landscape also contribute to Ruka’s success.

And because of them, there are other fun activities that you can do at Ruka, aside from snowboarding or skiing. Yoga sauna sessions will help you warm up before heading out into the cold. You can also try ice-karting to test your driving skills on the slippery racetrack. The reindeer are also waiting if you’re willing to spend time with them. If you’re not afraid of biting cold, you can go to the nearby river and wear heat-insulating floats.

Season to ski here

The cold and snowy season in this part of Finland lasts about 200 days. The ski season starts in October and lasts until May 1.

6. Pyha Ski Resort

Pyha is the best place if you love steep slopes, as this is where the Finnish skiing team comes to train. On one of the tracks, a professional skier managed to reach a speed of 149 kilometers per hour.

The resort is located an hour and a half from Rovaniemi International Airport, in a national park. Among the 14 slopes, there are both difficult and rather gentle, where you can learn to ski, and eight lifts. In addition, you will have access to the services of one of the most reputable Finnish ski schools.

The resort, in addition to skiing and snowboarding slopes, can also offer snowmobiling, surrounded by picturesque northern nature. There is a unique amethyst mine nearby. Despite the fact that the mine is active, there are guided tours. At the foot of the mountain, guests are greeted by the “Amethyst” health complex, known for its wide selection of massages, saunas, and water treatments.

Season to ski here

In this area, the cold starts very early and lasts almost the whole year. There is practically no lack of snow in Pyha. The best time for skiers to visit the resort is late autumn – mid-spring.

7. Vuokatti Ski Resort

The Vuokatti resort is one of the most popular due to its favorable geographic location between Lapland and the Lake District. It is mainly attended by families with children and young people. The slopes are of varying degrees of difficulty, both for beginners and professionals. 

There are 13 tracks for skis and snowboards, and most of them allow skiing not only during the day but also at night. A unique feature of Vuokatti is the presence of a special ski tunnel with a length of 100 meters, in which the most suitable temperature is maintained. It is primarily intended for athletes from national teams who come to train at the Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center. This tunnel is great if you are a beginner who has just gotten on skis, as well as easy trails, which, by the way, are free. There are also separate slopes for younger children.

Also, if you’re a guest of the resort, you will have the opportunity to go snowmobiling, reindeer sledding, or visit one of the two professionally equipped ice skating areas. On the territory of the hotels, which can accommodate a total of 8000 guests, there is a water park, a spa complex, indoor tennis courts, fitness centers, nightclubs, and much more.

Season to ski here

Skiing and snowboarding in Vuokatti is possible all year round. The winter period lasts from December 1st to April 15th. In the off-season, you can use the modern tunnel with ski and snowboard trails.

8. Tahko Ski Resort

Tahko is considered the best holiday destination in South and Central Finland. Both beginners and advanced skiers will find a slope that suits their skill level. In total, the resort has 24 slopes served by 15 ski lifts. The maximum height difference between the slopes is 200 meters. In addition to mountain tracks, there are also running tracks, as well as a snow park with trampolines, where you can learn how to perform spectacular snowboarding tricks.

But if you have only started skiing recently, there is a ski school where both group and individual lessons are held. Outside the slopes, you will not be bored either: you can rent snowmobiles, ride a hovercraft or visit an ice rink. The resort has a large spa-salon, massage rooms, and a lot of entertainment for every taste.

Season to ski here

The first cold weather comes to the area at the beginning of November. By the end of the month, frosty weather sets in, and the slopes are covered with snow. These factors contribute to the opening of the ski season. The winter period is snowy and slightly cold. Freezing temperatures persist throughout March, which extends the season to mid-April.

9. Yllas Ski Resort

Yllas ski resort is located in the western part of Lapland. It is surrounded on all sides by six hills, which gives the place a unique picturesque look. At the disposal of tourists are 63 trailsthe longest of which stretches for three kilometers. The maximum height difference between the slopes is 463 meters. The slopes are served by 29 lifts, among which there is a sauna lift. 

The resort attracts tourists with affordable prices and the highest quality of snow cover. I recommend this resort if you prefer skiing or snowboarding for most of your holiday. A unique feature is Finland’s only Super-G downhill track. In addition to the paved slopes, there is the possibility of off-piste skiing. For beginners, there are two schools with experienced instructors.

The ski center can accommodate up to 8000 people at a time. Guests can choose from a wide range of leisure activities: snow car safari, ice fishing, and excursion to the mythical Lapland Hell Lake, which was once a place of ritual sacrifices. The resort has bars, restaurants, and spa-salons. In addition, Yllas is considered one of the best ski resorts in Finland to observe the Northern Lights, which appear here almost every other night.

Season to ski here

Yllas is located beyond the Arctic Circle, so the winter period is quite long. The skiing season begins on the 20th of October and lasts until the beginning of May. The best time for snowboarding is March-April.