About Us

I, Tom Cooper, am a wanderer at heart, forever in pursuit of the next adventure. The world is my canvas, and I am constantly inspired by the endless possibilities it holds.

My writing style is shaped by my travels and my fascination with the cultures and traditions of far-off lands. I am drawn to the stories that hide just beneath the surface of everyday life, to the legends that have been passed down through generations, and to the characters who embody the spirit of adventure.

In my writing, I seek to capture the essence of the places I visit and the people I encounter. I believe that every journey has a story to tell, and I am driven by the desire to share these stories with others.

Through my words, I aim to transport the reader to distant lands, to introduce them to fascinating cultures and to reveal the secrets of the world. I write with a sense of urgency, for the world is a rapidly changing place, and the stories I tell may soon be lost forever.

So come with me, dear reader, and join me on this journey. Let us explore the world together and discover its beauty and mystery. Let us wander far and wide, and let us never stop seeking the next adventure.

I am open to all kinds of suggestions, comments, doubts, and constructive criticism. You can simply write to me at infoholidayparrots@gmail.com, and I will respond as soon as possible.