13 Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

When I planned my first trip to Aruba, I’ll admit, I didn’t do much research. I knew the basics: it was a small island off the coast of Venezuela, it had beaches and casinos, and it was a generally popular tourist destination. Little did I know that Aruba would quickly become one of my favorite … Read more

12 Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

Thinking of the Dominican beaches automatically brings to mind a tropical paradise where time passes more slowly. I am not exaggerating when I say that on this Island, I have seen some of the most beautiful beaches of my life. Bahia de las Aguilas to the south, with that turquoise tone that seems to have just been … Read more

Best Time to Visit Barbados

Best Time to Visit Barbados

It’s seven months since I came back from Barbados, and I already miss it! It really was an unbelievable experience. There were seven days of blue skies, lots of sun, and heat (it was only on Friday afternoon that the biggest rain fell). This was my first visit (of many, I hope) to a Caribbean … Read more

12 Best Beaches in Barbados

Best Beaches in Barbados

A getaway to the Caribbean is something every good tourist dreams of. And within the Caribbean islands, perhaps Barbados is one of the best and most exotic. Today I talk about its beaches since the whole island is a paradise of idyllic places. This tiny island in the Caribbean Sea stands as the perfect place … Read more

10 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

Thinking of the best things to do in Puerto Rico? This Caribbean island is world-famous for its white sandy beaches, azure blue water, and swaying palm trees, the ideal holiday picture. And Puerto Rico Beaches completely live up to those expectations. I confess that I once dreamed of visiting Puerto Rico because I saw a … Read more

14 Best & Fun Things To Do In Barbados

Best & Fun Things To Do In Barbados

Deciding on a destination to spend your vacation goes through several factors until you choose the one that interests you the most, right? And it was no different with me when I decided on this Caribbean island called Barbados! Today, the island of Barbados is rightly counted among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. … Read more

12 Best & Fun Things To Do In the Bahamas

Best & Fun Things To Do In the Bahamas

The Bahamas ranks 57th most popular tourist destination in the world. It is made up of 30 islands, 700 islets, and just over 2,000 unpopulated reefs. It goes without saying that visiting the Bahamas is synonymous with rest, sun, and beach. It is a paradisiacal place in the Caribbean that welcomes you with a strong … Read more

11 Best Beaches In Aruba

Best Beaches In Aruba

Aruba is known worldwide as “the happy island.” Honestly, before visiting what would be my 34th country, I did not imagine the magnitude of such a slogan. Now I am in a position to affirm that they did not exaggerate at all and that it is one of the most beautiful islands that I have … Read more