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11 Best Beaches In Aruba

11 Best Beaches In Aruba

Aruba is home to free beaches that look expensively good and fun. Things to do are kitesurfing, parasailing, fishing, and snorkeling. Get information about the top-rated beaches of Aruba in this article.

The mall island of Aruba is home to interconnecting beaches. Most of the beaches are only a few minutes away from each other. With that said, you can visit all beaches in Aruba with minimal travel cost.


Moreover, Aruba caters to a dynamic west experience. On the east of the island are white sand beaches that serve well for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports.

Rocky beaches with coves and beautiful limestone formations stud the western portion of the island. Due to their waves and wind, the western Aruba beaches are excellent for kitesurfing, parasailing, and surfing.

In connection, your beach vacation will be great if you choose to visit these 11 Best Beaches in Aruba.

• Boka Catalina
• Baby Beach
• Palm Beach
• Eagle Beach
• Arashi Beach
• Manchebo Beach
• Druif Beach
• Boka Grandi
• Boka Prins
• Andicuri Beach
• Rodgers Beach

Boka Catalina

Boka Catalina provides great snorkeling in Aruba. The emerald waters stay clear and calm. This makes for an easy time underwater as you view turtles, coral formations, spotted fish, sea horses, and colorful fish species.

A part of the Malmok Beach area, Boka Catalina is a popular weekdays and weekends destination for tourists and locals.

The beach area of Boka Catalina divides into two. It comprises a rocky section and a sandy section. The white sand section is where you’ll find the makeshift beach huts. On the other hand, the rocky section attracts fishes.

Despite its popularity, large business establishments don’t operate in Boka Catalina. That’s why its natural beauty greatly stands out.

Baby Beach

South of Aruba, in the town of San Nicolas, is Baby Beach. Tourists love this beach due to the safety that it provides. What makes it safe is its calm and shallow water.

Baby beach’s calm water condition is, perhaps, due to its geography. This beach follows a crescent shape wherein two of the ends act as a natural barrier for the waves that come from the ocean.

Snorkeling in Baby Beach doesn’t require a guide since the water is shallow. Though the water isn’t that deep, you will still find barracudas, squid, parrotfish, eels, and angelfish. On average, the water in Baby Beach is waist level and goes deeper as you head further toward the inlet.

The flat coast of Baby Beach also makes it a great spot for sunbathing. The presence of huts and other amenities is minimal. That’s why there’s a lot of space for you to lie down.

If you’re looking for food, go to Baby Beach Shack. This is a laid-back restaurant with a simple menu consisting of Arubian delicacies such as fried plantain and keshi yena.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach provides you with a very lively time at the sea in Aruba. Activities that you may try snorkeling with a guide avail boat cruises, rent a kayak and fishing pole to go kayak fishing, or rent sports equipment to play recreational games on the coast.

Restaurants, rental shops, souvenir shops, and cafes are present. However, these aren’t nearby. Keeping them away from staying close to Palm beach’s coast are the palm trees that sway gaily with the wind.

You will greatly appreciate Palm Beach’s shopping environment. No pesky vendor suddenly comes near you to buy goods. You won’t have an awkward time refusing people. This means that you can thoroughly check all of the shops that are within walking distance.

At dusk and nighttime, Palm Beach becomes very romantic. Fine dining beside the beach is a popular activity that nearby restaurants offer.

Within walking distance are small-time casinos and clubs. Visit these if you want a wilder nightlife. Casino options for you are Orchid Casino, The Casino Aruba at Hilton, and Casino at Ritz Carlton. As for clubs, you may choose between South Beach Club, Xcess Night Club, and Gusto Night Club.

Eagle Beach

If, by chance, you spend time on Palm Beach and start to feel that its liveliness is a bit too much, just head a little to the south. Follow this recommendation and you will find Eagle Beach, a beach in Aruba that’s famous for its cottony white sand coast.

Tourists love this beach because its white sand is cool and soft on the feet, its environment is peaceful even if crowded sometimes, and its water reflects the azure sky.

Sunset at Eagle Beach is great. You may view it without disruptions since tourists rarely flock to the coast. The best viewing spot is on the Divi Tree that’s on the northern side.

Fun activities that Eagle Beach offers are banana boat rides, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and parasailing. You may avail these are the nearby rental shops.

Drink and food options in Eagle Beach are Bugaloe, the Beach Bar, and the Coco Loco Beach Bar. Don’t think twice about visiting because these serve unique cocktails.

Arashi Beach

Modest waves, musical performances, and red, cloudless sunsets — these are some reasons why Arashi Beach is popular with the locals of Aruba.

Arashi Beach is on the northern side of Aruba and is quite far from the capital. However, it justifies a lengthy journey.


This beach greets your arrival with the soft whispers of its mild waves and the lively color of its cerulean water. Sand dunes of the white sand caress your feet and urge them to keep walking.

Another reason why you’ll love this is its comfortable amenities. Arashi beach is complete with beach huts, rental chairs, showers, and changing rooms.

About 100 meters away from Arashi Beach’s tourist area is the Arashi Beach tours. This establishment offers you guides snorkeling, boat rides, and water equipment rentals.

A few minutes away and accessible by walking is Arashi Beach Bay. Arashi Beach Bay is an ideal spot for snorkeling since it holds a vast number of colorful fishes.

Manchebo Beach

Manchebo Beach offers you an electrifying beach experience. A private beach that offers fine dining, luxurious rooms with views of the ocean, and romantic escapades for couples, Manchebo is where kings and queens go.

The water of Manchebo Beach stays warm and calm all year round. Come here if you’re unsure about the water conditions of other beaches in Aruba.

Recreational locations are near Manchebo Beach. Places that you might want to visit are the Aruba Ostrich Farm, Aruba Butterfly Farm, and Safari Jeep Tours.

For the best say in Manchebo Beach, book the Manchebo Resort and Spa. It has 71 luxurious rooms, palm trees, beach huts, and private pools. There’s also a spa area where you can get a massage while facing the ocean.

Druif Beach

Druif Beach is another local favorite in Aruba. This is due to the wide array of fun activities that it caters to. Fun things for you to do in Druif Beach are parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, and aqua jogging.

Engulfing the environment of Druif beach is a mysterious and unassuming vibe. For this reason, it’s a great place for quick stops.

Nearby resorts to Druif Beach are the Tamarijn and Divi sister resorts. These resorts are rather simple. However, they provide quick access to Aruba beaches, aside from Druif, such as Eagle Beach and Schatz Beach.

Though not very safe, you might want to try snorkeling in Druif Beach. Underneath this beach’s water are numerous coral reefs that attract seahorses, turtles, angelfish, and other small polychromatic marine wildlife.

Boka Grandi

Boka Grandi is a popular kite surfing destination in Aruba. This is due to its windy environment and seawater that produces menacing waves.

Its natural landscape makes Boka Grandi popular too. Making up this beach’s area is a white sand strip with green patches of grass and numerous rocky platforms that receive the coming of the waves.

In the meantime, no restaurants operate within the vicinity of Boka Grandi. The nearest food options available for you are those that are a walking distance of Baby Beach, which is 5 minutes away.

From Baby Beach, you may reach Boka Grandi with ATVs. With that said, you might want to try booking an ATV tour for a more enjoyable way of accessing Boka Grandi.

Boca Prins

A short beach that’s between two rocky landforms, Boca Prins is one of the most serene beaches in Aruba. This beach provides a quick escape from the bustle of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

The ever-present undertows make Boca Prins a very dangerous spot for swimming and other water activities. Despite this, the windy atmosphere that touches the face and the views of the ocean from the rocky shores make it popular.

Boca Prins is great for picnics. Since the rock shores guard it against anyone’s view, the thin white sand strip of Boca Prins makes for a relaxing time chatting with friends or family while drinking or eating under the shade of a parasol.

Andicuri Beach

A dirt road for ATVs, numerous rock formations beside the sea, fine brown sands, and remnants of a nearby historic bridge — these are the things that await you in Andicuri Beach.

But aside from what’s mentioned above, Andicuri Beach is also due to its water conditions that serve well for bodyboarding.

Bodyboarders love Andicuri Beach due to its twisting waves. This might be due to the presence of the coves that stir the water.

Aside from bodyboarding, swimming is another popular activity though a bit dangerous. This is because the rock formations serve as great diving platforms where you may do black flips and other diving stunts.

At the back of Andicuri is a little savannah where you may do a little hiking. Things for you to see are cactuses and patches of wild grasses. On this savannah is a dirt road. Follow it, and you will reach Black Stone Beach.

Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach is where you’ll find the easiest fishing in Aruba. On this beach are numerous local boats for you to rent. These are rather flimsy looking but are nevertheless safe.

If you’re in Baby Beach and find it quite chaotic, Rodger’s Beach is a quick alternative since it’s only 3 minutes away by car.

On the coast of Rodger’s Beach are numerous large beach huts. These can accommodate three up to four persons at once. Other comfortable amenities are a viewing deck, beach chairs, and showers.

For food, head to the restaurants that are only walking distance away from Baby Beach. A place that you should definitely try is the Lost Paradise Beach Bar.

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