25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hollywood, California

2. See The Hollywood Sign On The Hill The Hollywood Sign is probably one of the most famous tourist spots in Hollywood and one of the most characteristic postcards of the city. It is situated on Mount Lee Hill and features huge 13.7-meter-high letters spelling out the word Hollywood. So if you go to Los Angeles and don't take a picture of the Hollywood sign, it means you haven't been there. It is possible to see this sign from several points in Hollywood, but there are some places where the photos come out better, especially if you are a photography fanatic like me. One of the best places to take panoramic photos of the Hollywood sign is the Griffith Observatory. This beautiful park is free to enter, with numerous trails and viewpoints from where you can enjoy some of the best sunset views in Los Angeles. Another good place to take photos of the Hollywood sign is Lake Hollywood Park, a beautiful park with large expanses of grass and privileged visits to the famous sign, where you can also take a walk or have a picnic.

Hollywood isn’t just a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s an almost idealized town that represents a universe and lifestyle of its own. Hollywood is glittering, it continually winks at you with those places you’ve already seen in dozens of movies and that you recognize immediately. But a day chasing stars on the sidewalk is not … Read more

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21 Best & Fun Things To Do In Fort Bragg

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Best Beaches Near Fort Bragg

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13 Best Parks in Fresno, California

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32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Indianapolis

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