Unveiling Turkey’s Next Must-Visit Coastal Destinations: Rising Tourist Hotspots

Turkey’s tourism industry is expanding beyond the well-trodden paths of Istanbul and Antalya, turning the spotlight on the lesser-known coastal cities of Samsun and Rize.

Situated along the captivating Black Sea coast, these emerging hotspots are rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty.

This article explores these vibrant, upcoming destinations, their unique attractions and the broader strategy to promote the Black Sea region, poised to redefine the Turkish tourist experience.


Although Rize is primarily known for its unspoiled and spectacular nature, it is steadily gaining recognition as a potential tourist hotspot, with attractions such as the centuries-old Zilkale Castle offering visitors a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage.

This idyllic city offers untouched rolling green hills, perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway. The verdant landscapes, coupled with the city’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty, have positioned Rize as an ideal destination for eco-tourism.

Furthermore, Rize’s unique cultural offerings, including local music, dance, and cuisine, provide travelers with an immersive experience of true Turkish culture. The region’s tea plantations are a distinct part of its identity, allowing visitors to engage in local tea harvesting traditions.

The city’s strategic location on the Black Sea coast also offers a range of maritime activities. With Turkey’s ambitious goal to attract more tourists to the Black Sea region, Rize is set to benefit from increased infrastructure and promotion.

In light of these factors, Rize appears poised to transition from a hidden gem to a recognized tourist destination, offering visitors a blend of nature, culture, and history.


As a city on the rise in Turkey’s burgeoning tourism scene, Samsun boasts a combination of stunning natural scenery, archaeological sites, and a vibrant culinary landscape, positioning it as a potential hotspot for global visitors.

Samsun’s allure lies in its variety of attractions and experiences:

  • Natural Beauty:
  • The city’s picturesque coastline and mountains offer a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor activities.
  • Samsun’s diverse ecosystem includes a wide range of flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature lovers.
  • Historical and Cultural Riches:
  • Samsun is home to numerous archaeological sites, offering a glimpse into Turkey’s rich history.
  • The city’s thriving culinary scene showcases the diverse flavors of Turkish cuisine, promising a gastronomic delight for food aficionados.
  • Infrastructure and Accessibility:
  • The city is easily accessible, with regular flights and efficient public transportation.
  • It boasts waterfront hotels like Wyndham and Sheraton, providing comfortable accommodation for visitors.

As Samsun continues its trajectory as an emerging tourist destination, it is set to diversify Turkey’s tourism portfolio, offering an alternative to traditional hotspots like Istanbul and Antalya.

The Black Sea Has Already Been A Tourism Hotspot

The Black Sea, already a renowned tourism hotspot, has been drawing record-setting numbers to its resort towns, further solidifying its appeal to global travelers.

Its unique geographical location, encompassing Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Georgia, offers a diverse range of cultural experiences and natural beauty, making it a compelling destination for explorers and holidaymakers alike.

Turkey, in particular, is leveraging this surge in interest and is actively promoting Black Sea cities like Samsun and Rize as must-visit destinations. These cities, rich in archaeological significance, stunning scenery, and authentic Turkish culture, are poised to become the next big thing in the global tourism landscape.

However, the allure of the Black Sea is not confined to Turkey. The other countries lining its shores also present a wealth of attractions, from Bulgaria’s vibrant nightlife to Georgia’s historic wine regions.

Despite the geopolitical challenges some of these countries face, the collective appeal of the Black Sea region remains undiminished. The area continues to attract tourists in record numbers, underlining its status as a major player in global tourism.


The development of Samsun and Rize as Turkey’s next must-visit coastal destinations demonstrates a strategic move to diversify tourist attractions, enhance visitor experiences, and promote the Black Sea region.

This advancement is expected to boost Turkey’s tourism industry significantly. With their unique attractions and authentic Turkish culture, these cities are poised to become the newest tourism hotspots, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry and scenic allure that Turkey offers to the global tourism landscape.