Best Time to Visit Barbados

It’s seven months since I came back from Barbados, and I already miss it! It really was an unbelievable experience. There were seven days of blue skies, lots of sun, and heat (it was only on Friday afternoon that the biggest rain fell).

This was my first visit (of many, I hope) to a Caribbean island, and I can say that at least Barbados is spectacular! I returned home with a very good impression of this country. I would even dare say that I was surprised. Barbados surpassed all my expectations!!

The thing is, when I was planning this trip, I did a lot of research to determine the best time to visit Barbados. This helped me organize my trip when the climatic conditions were favorable, avoiding certain months in which the climate could be unpleasant. After all, you don’t want to travel to Barbados and not be able to enjoy the blue sea of this island.

For this reason, I have prepared this post to give you all the information needed to choose the best time to visit Barbados. Read on!

Best Time to Visit Barbados

When Is The Best Time To Visit Barbados?

The best time to visit Barbados is from December to Mid-April. At this time, the weather is good with blue skies, lots of sunshine, and hardly any rain. In addition to beach holidaymakers, divers, active holidaymakers, and water sports enthusiasts will also find the best conditions at this time.

However, since this is the high season, the prices of the hotels are almost twice as high as in the rest of the year. If you are planning a vacation during this time of year, you should be aware that some hotels require guests to prepare a meal plan in advance. You usually don’t need to fill out a meal plan in the off-season. The big advantage of the high season, however, is that it is drier than in summer and autumn. It rains significantly less in the winter months than in the summer.

Temperatures remain pleasantly high from mid-April to June, but prices are lower than in winter. The transition period can be interesting in terms of price, but you have to expect short showers more often.

Although it is possible that there is a storm from July to November, the risk of hurricanes is ultimately low. Despite the occasional rain, this time is the ideal time because the prices fall by up to 50% even in the posh resorts. Plus, you’re in Barbados when some of the best parties on the island take place with the Crop Over Festival in July or the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival in November. For bargain hunters, this time of the year can be the optimal travel time, depending on how you feel about some rainy days.

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Climate & Weather Barbados

As I have already mentioned, Barbados has a tropical climate, characterized by heat present almost always throughout the year. Fortunately, the effect of the heat is often mitigated by the breezes.

It can be said that Barbados’s climate is quite regular, with temperatures that do not have major changes throughout the year. In fact, the period included in the months from December to April has peaks in minimum temperatures of around 21 degrees and maximum temperatures of around 28 degrees. While in the period from May to October, the minimums reach 23 degrees and the maximums reach around 30.

The weather in this country alternates between a dry and a rainy season. The dry season lasts from December to May. During this period, the temperatures are quite high, and the rainfall quite weak and infrequent (I only got one afternoon of rain during the week I was there). So these months become the best time to visit Barbados and enjoy the secrets and natural wonders of the island.

The rainy season lasts from June to November. Very high temperatures and abundant rains are witnessed during this period. However, it is important to know that the showers descend quite irregularly. In fact, precisely for this reason, they do not have a great duration. And as soon as they finish, they leave room for the sun to shine again.

This explains why the hours of sunshine do not decrease so much. Bur due to the poor condition of some roads and paths, it can be difficult to visit the most natural places in Barbados.

One thing I noticed is that the sun rises very early, around 06:00 in the morning (at least in February, which was when I was there), and around 17:30, it starts to get dark. So it’s quite common for people to spend the whole day on the beach.

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Tourist Seasons in Barbados

1. High Season (December – April)

The high season in Barbados is marked by the start of the dry period, which lasts roughly from December to April. This is the time where many tourists prefer visiting as there is a good temperature and the risk of bad weather is minimal.

As I was there in February, the island had fewer rainy days, and the rainfall was significantly lower. However, rain showers have to be expected again and again during the dry season. The downpours are usually only of short duration and are perceived by most holidaymakers as a pleasant cooling.

It is particularly dry from February to April. With daily highs around or slightly below the 30-degree mark, it is the slightly cooler season. Barbados has an average of eight to nine hours of sunshine during the dry season.

Due to the high number of tourists during the high season, I suggest booking your flight and accommodation in advance to ensure availability. It is also during this period that many cultural festivals and lots of activity on the beaches take place.

2. Mid-Season (May To June, November)

There are two mid-seasons in Barbados. That is, from April to June and another one in November. During these months, Barbados has more rainy days and higher amounts of rainfall.

Mostly there are intense rain showers, which normally do not last too long and alternate with sunny phases again and again. Overall, the sun shows itself less and cloudy weather has to be expected more often. The rainy season is the warmer season. Due to the higher humidity, the temperatures can feel a little warmer.

The good thing about this season is that you can enjoy price reductions for flights, hotels, and resorts during this time. Also, this is the time you can find nearly empty beaches to enjoy.

3. Low Season (July – October)

The low season falls within June and October, when the prices of most popular hotels and resorts drop as much as 50%. This is because Barbados is still under the influence of tropical cyclones (hurricanes). However, due to the southern location, hurricanes rarely occur on this island.

Records over the past few years have shown that strong tropical storms in the Caribbean are to be expected, especially in the period from August to October. In late August 2019, Hurricane Dorian took hold of its destruction in Barbados. While the Bahamas was subsequently almost completely devastated, Barbados “only” reported power outages and minor property damage.

Even if Barbados is rarely hit by hurricanes, storms, heavy rain, and severe thunderstorms are possible during this season.

If you decide that this is the best time to visit Barbados, you will rarely need a reservation, as most of the hotels will be empty. However, keep in mind that some hotels, bars, and restaurants will be closed.

Best Time To Visit Barbados: Month By Month

1. January

January is the peak tourist season in Barbados, with a high number of visitors to beaches and tourist attractions. Although there are rainy days during this month, it is still among the driest months. Therefore, if you plan to visit Barbados during this time, you should book your flight in advance to avoid increasing travel costs for airline tickets and hotel reservations.

2. February – April

As these are the driest months, the number of tourists usually increases, making it the best time to visit Barbados for many. In fact, these are the months with the fewer rainy days (on average 7mm per month) and the coolest temperatures (between 21 Degrees and 31 Degrees). In addition, this is the perfect time for snorkeling. So expect hotel rates to increase during that period. We, therefore, recommend that you book as early as possible.

3. May

May can be a great time to travel. You are slowly moving towards the rainy season, so the air prices are lower. It is raining a little more now, but it is usually still drier than in January, with a lot of sunshine. Since it is just outside of the peak tourist season, you enjoy quieter beaches with lots of festivals taking place on the island. This is a month with great value for the money.

4. June

The number of hours of sunshine and temperatures in Barbados in June remains as high as in the rest of the year. However, the chance of short showers increases. Therefore, I recommend taking with you rain gear like a waterproof bag to protect your valuables during those quick tropical downpours. Lower prices make this month the best time to visit Barbados if you want to save.

5. July – November

You’ll find attractive offers during these months. The reason for this is because the rain is now relatively heavy, although it usually only lasts for a short time at this time of the year. Despite the sometimes heavy rains, there are still many hours of sunshine, and the island landscape is lush with green vegetation and beautiful tropical flowers. The official hurricane season is between July and November. Keep this in mind if you visit Barbados during this time.

6. December

December is a relatively dry month, and the island has regained its colorful vegetation after the rain of the past few months. It marks the beginning of the tourist peak season as tourists head to the island for vacation. In addition, since Christmas is a very popular time to travel, many people often book a year or more in advance.

Best Time To Visit Barbados According To Your Needs

As I said earlier, the weather in Barbados is good from December to April. But I found many travelers like to plan their trips to match the lowest off-season rates or one of the islands’ many festivals and events. Below I share with you some of the considerations that can help you choose the best time to visit Barbados.


Barbados offers travelers a warm and sunny year-round climate, but most people visit from December to April. These months coincide with the dry season, northeast trade winds and provide cool breezes.

Hurricane season can be a factor in planning your trip. And September tends to be the peak month for hurricane risk. However, Barbados has historically been spared direct attacks. The last major hurricane to hit Barbados was Hurricane Janet on September 22, 1955.


Peak season across the Caribbean starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. That is, if you travel to Barbados during this time, you will pay the highest rates for airfare, accommodation, car rental, and other expenses. In addition, you will need to make hotel reservations well in advance of your trip.

Traveling during the off-season can save up to a third on hotels and travel expenses. Consider visiting Barbados during May and June or during early December. Avoid Christmas and New Year, and Easter holidays when demand and rates are highest.

Lots of Festivals

Special events and festivals take place throughout the year. In January, there is the Barbados Jazz Festival. In February, the Holetown Festival in St. James commemorates the founding of Barbados’ first European settlement in 1627.

The Oistins Fish Festival in April marks Barbados’ charter signing with boat competition, boning fish, and other competitions.

Another popular music event is Gospelfest, held in May across the island. The Crop over Festival in late July and early August attracts thousands of visitors each year.

When Not To Go To Barbados

As you have seen, this island is sometimes affected by particular weather phenomena: hurricanes. Fortunately, they rarely manifest themselves with great intensity. However, even less severe episodes can create various inconveniences. So, to avoid the highest risk months, I recommend not visiting Barbados Island between July and November.

In summary

Basically, the amount of sunshine in Barbados is good all year round. The sea has warm temperatures throughout the year, so there is always the possibility to swim. Therefore, all things considered, I can conclude that the best time to visit Barbados depends on the activities you want to do.

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