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14 Top-Rated Beaches in Seychelles

14 Top Rated Beaches in Seychelles

Seychelles was a pleasant surprise for me. I was expecting an island exploited by tourism, with many resorts, Italian restaurants, and full of people in search of the best beaches in Seychelles. But no, I found out that the island of Seychelles is an impressively green and wild island. In total, the Seychelles islands are made up of 115 islands that add up to an area of ​​455 sq. km.


I took on the arduous task of surveying as many beaches as possible on this island. And these are, in my opinion, the 14 top-rated beaches in Seychelles.

I don’t have to think long about which island of the Seychelles was my favorite. That was La Digue. This is the least developed island, it is very relaxed, you can enjoy cycling, and the beaches are fantastic.


Anse Source d’Argent is in the southwest of the island, and it is the best of the best. No wonder the movie Castaway was shot here. Here you will find the clearest water, the finest white sand, and the most impressive granite rocks. Just the overgrown path to the beach is already great. And if you’re lucky, you’ll encounter turtles while snorkeling!


I recommend that you walk a little inland and explore the area. I allocated two days to it, touring the area and getting to know more interesting places around the beach.

2. Petit Anse

Petite Anse is one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches on La Digue. An immense beach of white and impalpable sand appears to your eyes, absolutely deserted and bathed by gigantic waves but with a limpid and transparent sea. Despite the large waves, you can safely enter the sea for about ten meters, as the seabed is very shallow and completely sandy. The beach slopes gently, and you can enjoy snorkeling on the sides near the rocks.


Petit Anse is the beach adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel, but is not owned by the resort. All beaches in Seychelles are public, so you can also spend a day here. Sign up at the entrance of the resort, write your name on the visitor’s list, and you can walk towards the beach. A nice walk through the super deluxe resort where you can feast your eyes on the equally beautiful beach of Petit Anse.

3. Anse Lazio

Island Praslin has several beautiful bays. But Anse Lazio is the clear winner. What a beautiful bay, wide beach, and beautiful rocks. The jungle full of green plants, palm trees, and tropical flowers that border the beach provides plenty of sheltered spots. You will hardly experience it more idyllic than this in Seychelles.


It is easier to access, which is why it is more crowded. It is also the point of most of the tours that are made around the island, so there are times when it gets crowded, and you have to be patient.


There is natural shade, parking (it gets crowded), and a restaurant before entering the beach. My recommendation is that you stay away from the entrance of the restaurant because that is where everyone goes as soon as they arrive. On the other side it is quieter, even behind the huge stones there are more coves with small and much less crowded beaches.

4. Anse Georgette

While Anse Source D’ argent is on the top list of best beaches in Seychelles, it fights head-to-head with Anse Georgette. This beach is paradise. Turquoise water, white sand, and a postcard landscape, added to the fact that due to its difficult access, it is not very crowded.


To get there, there are two options, and neither is entirely simple, but there is a huge difference in effort. This is because Anse Georgette beach is located in a place that, to access by land, you have to go through the property of a luxury hotel called Constance Lemuria. To do this, you must request a permit or authorization from the hotel in advance, and although it is not complex, it requires that you do it in advance (2/3 days). It also implies that as there are a certain amount of quotas per day, you have to anticipate this for peak seasons.


That said, here is the second option, which was the one I made. It takes more effort and a lot more sweat for sure, but the satisfaction of not having to ask anyone for permission to enter a public beach, and having achieved it despite the difficulty, was insurmountable. I’m talking about trekking from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette.


When I say that it is difficult, it is due to several factors, among them, that it is not a signposted trail but a trail, and that it is of medium/high difficulty. It takes approx. 2 hours to go and 2 hours to return. It has very steep places and requires some physical strength.

5. Anse Coco

Speaking of trekkings, in La Digue, there is an option of a beautiful beach that you also get to by trekking, but along a signposted path and with a much shorter duration. The trek takes you from Grand Anse to Petit Anse first, two beaches that are also very beautiful, but it ends at the spectacular Anse Coco.


Take a little picnic if you plan to spend the day. There are some vendors selling coconuts, natural drinks, and they also sell something to eat, but there are not as many restaurants or stalls, so take your provisions. There is natural shade, and the place is not very crowded. A real gem.

6. Beau Valloon

Although in Seychelles beaches one cannot speak of something like “overcrowding,” since it is a destination that is still quite unspoiled and one can find places where one is practically alone, this beach is an exception. But that does not mean that it is less pretty! In fact, if your thing is the scene, seeing people, listening to music, and having many options of food and drinks on the beach, this is your ideal option.


This beach is on the island of Mahe, a few km from Victoria, and is the ideal option if you have only a few days on the island. This place has many options for accommodation, restaurants, and a beautiful beach, with calm and crystal clear water, and some sunsets that are undoubtedly among the best I saw in Seychelles.

7. Anse Intendance

As I continue touring Mahe, there is this incredible beach, also to the south. Anse Intendance is a bit bumpier, has more waves, and is kind of open. Lots of sand, ample space, and wilder. Ideal for those who enjoy less calm beaches. And being so wide, it allows you to have a lot of space.


To get here, you leave the car in a parking lot at the end of the road and walk several meters along some paths in the middle of the vegetation that is beautiful. In the parking lot, there is a tap to rinse your feet and everything. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite beaches in Seychelles!

8. Beau Vallon Beach

Mahe is the place to be for the best beaches in Seychelles. Besides being just a very nice and relaxed beach, Beau Vallon Beach is also the most vibrant beach of all. Directly on the beach, you will find a small food market where you can buy fresh coconuts and where the most delicious dishes are prepared on the barbecue. At the weekend, you will find local families on the beach who come with their whole family to relax for a day at Beau Vallon Beach. On Sundays, you can watch the local cyclists pass by from the beach, who tour the island accompanied by a real police escort.

9. Takamaka beach

I found Takamaka beach to be one of the most beautiful in Mahe. A narrow and somewhat unpaved road takes you to the small bay, where the beach is well hidden among the greenery. First, greet the giant tortoises enjoying their greens in the shade before walking onto the beach. Takamaka beach is very quiet, so chances are you are one of the few visitors. Nice bonus.


The name Takamaka is famous in Seychelles. It is not only a beautiful beach, but also the name of the local rum. The rum is available in different flavors, such as coconut or tropical. The rum is very nice to mix with a fresh juice for an exotic cocktail.

10. Baie Lazare Public Beach

Baie Lazare Public Beach is also one of my personal favorites on the island of Mahe. Though a public beach, you’ll rarely see buildings close to it. This preserves the beauty of Baie Lazare’s shoreline, which stretches for a few kilometers. Soft white sand comprises the shore, and near it are trees and granite boulders, which serve as great backgrounds for photos.


If you’re visiting Mahe to experience Baie Lazare at its best, it’s best to schedule your trip during the off-season. Since it’s free, a lot of tourists and a lot of locals hang around during the peak season. Also, don’t forget to bring your own parasol because natural shade from the trees is only excellent in the afternoons.

11. Grand Anse

Grand Anse is in the south of La Digue Island. Compared to the others in the ranking, it is less crowded and wilder. Spacious and scenic, Grand Anse is perfect for a relaxing day lulled by the sound of the sea. There aren’t many shaded spaces, so get plenty of sunscreens and an umbrella.


There is no coral reef to protect the beach. And when the monsoons blow, the waves get high, and the currents rushing. Of the three south of La Digue, Grand Anse is the busiest (so to speak). The seabed is sandy, you cannot swim, but you can have fun in the waves on the shore. This beach is the perfect place for water sports in Seychelles.

12. Anse Royale

And, of course, Anse Royale cannot be missing from this count of the best beaches in Seychelles. This was my first beach in Seychelles, and for this, I also have a special affection for it. To arrive and see the color of that water, with the green landscapes in the background, the huge stones on the sides, was undoubtedly a novelty.


There are quite a lot of people (more than in its neighbors), but it is still not a crazy thing. Of course, keep an eye on this beach with your belongings. There were police guards, and they especially approached me when they saw that I had moved far from where everyone was (I had moved away to take photos where no one was).


It is best to stay where most of the people are, and not leave your things in areas where there is no one or near the road. This is because there may be outbursts or the typical petty thieves that run by and takes the things that you left very close to hand. But nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, it is the only beach where I saw police, and they recommended something like that (especially since I was walking with a camera with a tripod).

13. Anse Soleil

Anse Soleil is a corner of paradise, located in a small cove north of the island of Mahe. The area is surrounded by dense vegetation that offers shelter during the rest. The beach is 300 meters long and offers the typical characteristics that have made Seychelles so loved and desired: fine sand and enchanting sea.


I recommend that you stay at Anse Soleil until the evening if you want to have a great view of the sunset. The beach is lined with many coconut palms, so be careful of falling coconuts and do not lie directly under the palms. There is a delightful restaurant where you can eat local dishes and fresh fish.

14. Anse Severe

Actually, the beach of Anse Severe does not quite belong in the list of best beaches in Seychelles. Of course, it is a beautiful beach, but so are all beaches in Seychelles. What makes this beach special is that it has by far the best snorkeling spots in La Digue. The reef is quite close to the beach, and at high tide, you can swim to it from the shore. Fish in all colors of the rainbow, squid, and if you’re lucky, you’ll also spot a turtle here and there. Anse Severe is, therefore, not the most beautiful beach in Seychelles, but if you like snorkeling, it is the place to be.


My guide to the best beaches in Seychelles beaches ends. I hope I have convinced you, and if you are looking for more advice on this dream archipelago, do not hesitate to write to me!

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