15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bali

Best & Fun Things To Do In Bali

In this article, I’m going to talk about Balinese attractions. This is a paradisiacal place in Indonesia that is certainly on the list of travelers around the world. I had just enough time to explore the island of Bali from north to south and east to west. I got acquainted with their culture, explored some … Read more

The Best Time To Visit Bali

Best Time To Visit Bali

Do you know when the best time to travel to Bali is? The main factor, although not the only one, that you must take into account is the weather. The weather in Bali is characterized by the typical tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid throughout the year and with two distinct seasons: dry season and … Read more

Best Time To Visit Phuket Thailand

Best Time To Visit Phuket Thailand?

Knowing the best time to visit Phuket is one of the main questions if you’re planning to travel to this fascinating Island in Thailand. If you’ve read about the Asian monsoons, you know that weather conditions make all the difference when exploring the island and its beaches. It was with this in mind that I have created … Read more

Best Places For Scuba Diving In Thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand cost: A Helpful guide

Of all my adventures around the world, scuba diving in Thailand was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging. After flying hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, navigating rough seas over crumbling little boats, crossing the ocean alone to discover new countries, living in different countries without knowing anything about their local culture and language, I … Read more

11 Best Islands to Visit in the Philippines

Best Islands to Visit in the Philippines

As I prepared for my trip to the Philippines, one of my biggest questions was: which are the best islands in the Philippines? Why should I choose one and not the other?  There are 7,641 islands in the Philippines, but not all are inhabited, or you can visit them. But everything I read about each island was … Read more

14 Best Beaches in Asia

Best Beaches in Asia

It is very likely that the vast majority of tourists who decide to travel to Asia put at the top of their itinerary: destinations to see the best beaches in Asia. Of course, there are other attractions, such as the different traditions and cultures, gastronomy, temples, and a multitude of tourist attractions. However, as it … Read more