Best Time To Visit Phuket Thailand

Knowing the best time to visit Phuket is one of the main questions if you’re planning to travel to this fascinating Island in Thailand. If you’ve read about the Asian monsoons, you know that weather conditions make all the difference when exploring the island and its beaches.

It was with this in mind that I have created this super guide with a month-by-month summary of the best time to travel to Phuket, an island that can be visited all year round, just a little planning.

Best Time To Visit Phuket

Climate and weather in Phuket

Knowing the best time to visit Phuket is one of the main questions if you’re planning to travel to this fascinating Island in Thailand. If you’ve read about the Asian monsoons, you know that weather conditions make all the difference when exploring the island and its beaches.

It was with this in mind that I have created this super guide with a month-by-month summary of the best time to travel to Phuket, an island that can be visited all year round, just a little planning.

Phuket has a monsoon-affected tropical climate typical of southern areas of Thailand. It is characterized by being a very hot and humid climate throughout the year with minimum and maximum monthly average temperatures that vary between 25 and 35 degrees. It is also characterized by having two very different seasonsdry and rainy.

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  • Dry season: from December to the end of March

The dry season in Phuket generally runs from late November or early December to late March. During these months is when you can enjoy the best time in Phuket. The temperature is somewhat milder than during the rest of the year, the climate is drier, and it hardly rains, the skies are clear and very blue, and the sea is very calm. It is the ideal time to visit this island.

  • April and May: transition to the rainy season

During these months, the weather in Phuket is quite unpredictable. They are months of transition towards the monsoon season in which the rain begins to make an appearance. They can be really rainy or moderately dry months. These two months are characterized by being the hottest of the whole year. This, together with the high levels of humidity, causes a high feeling of being uncomfortable.

In April, with a bit of luck, it is possible to enjoy very sunny days with some heavy showers. In May, the probability of rain increases significantly, with some years showing the highest intensity of rains after September.

  • Rainy season: early June to November

The rainy season in Phuket generally runs from late May or early June to November. During these months, it is common for it to rain almost every day and for the beach to be quite rough.

The rains, as a general rule, occur several times a day and are usually very intense and of short duration. However, you can also find that it rains for two or three days in a row without hardly stopping.

The months in which it rains the most are September, the rainiest of all by far, and October. November is usually a month of transition in which you can already enjoy many sunny days, and even some years, it is quite a dry month. Usually, the tourist season in Phuket starts this month.

So, when is the best time to visit Phuket?

The best time to travel to Phuket is from December to the end of March. It is in these months that Phuket’s weather is at its best. It hardly rains, it is always sunny, the waters are calm, there is not so much humidity, and the temperatures are slightly more pleasant than in other months.

Although the weather in Phuket is not at its best, traveling in the off-season also has its advantages. Hotel prices drop drastically, generally up to half and more than in the high season, and the lower influx of tourists allows you to enjoy its beaches and excursions much more.

During the months of June, July, and August, with a little luck, it is possible to have several days in a row of good weather or of heavy but short rains that do not prevent you from enjoying a day at the beach. Although there are also periods of continuous days of uninterrupted rains, this is not usually the usual norm during these months.

Best time to go to Phuket: Month by Month

1. January: Peak Season

The most popular month among tourists. The very low probability of rain and cloudless skies make this month one of the best months for a relaxing seaside holiday. Low air humidity, an abundance of the sun allow you to enjoy swimming, diving, and boat trips. Nightlife in Phuket in January is in full swing: hundreds of bars, clubs, and discos open their doors.  

Due to the large influx of tourists, the main roads on the island are often clogged with hours of traffic jams. In January, Phuket has the highest prices for travel, accommodation, and shopping. For those who want a more relaxed environment.

2. February: Peak Season

Almost as popular as January with all the chances of great weather. Phuket beaches are full of tourists from around the world this month. Relatively low air humidity and long daylight hours allow for a variety of outdoor activities.

In February, Phuket celebrates the traditional Chinese New Year, which is usually celebrated here on a grand scale. Celebrations include spectacular fireworks and traditional carnival parades. There is a better chance of getting a discount on hotel stays this month than in January. Late bookings are often offered.  

3. March: High Season

Average temperatures begin to creep up a little, but the length of daylight hours remains the same. The flow of tourists is decreasing somewhat, and hotels are starting to offer discounted rates. March is characterized by low rainfall and long sunny days, providing excellent conditions for swimming, diving, and sea trips.

Nightlife and shopping in Phuket in March is more enjoyable due to the lack of the hustle and bustle, as opposed to January-February. Accommodation prices are usually lower than in January-February. Some hotels on the island offer special discounts.

4. April: High Season 

One of the hottest months of the year and also the time to celebrate the Thai New Year is Songkran. The Water Festival, which marks the start of the Thai New Year, includes traditional water douches. The first time tourists come to this holiday, Songkran makes an indelible impression. It is in early April that many tourists arrive in Phuket to take part in the Songkran celebration.

April is the last month of the dry season when there are still no high waves on the sea. Diving visibility tends to deteriorate towards the end of April. Hotel prices in April in Phuket are usually lower than in the high season, with a lot of great deals.

5. May: Low Season

Although the average temperature drops, humidity in Phuket begins to rise significantly in May. The likelihood of rain increases dramatically, but there are several sunny days between showers. The beginning of the month tends to have more clear days, with more rainy days towards the end of May.

The start of the low season marks a significant decline in the number of tourists. And in May in Phuket, most hotels start offering holidays with 50% discounts.

6. June: Low Season

June is marked by regular rainy periods, but the air humidity is slightly lower than in May. In June, Phuket has a good chance to get a few dry days and affordable prices for accommodation and flights.  

Flights and hotel accommodation are cheaper. Despite the increased number of rainy days, there is every chance of getting excellent opportunities for a seaside holiday. Tourist crowds are thinning, and such popular beaches of Phuket as Patong become almost quiet in June.  

7. July: Low Season

Weather conditions in Phuket in July are almost the same as in June, with the only difference that during this period of the year, the probability of rain increases. Despite all the depressing forecasts, there are several sunny days in July. I cannot but rejoice at the prices for accommodation, which are becoming as low as possible. Due to the high waves, this month is in demand among surfers.

8. August: Low Season

Along with June and July, there is a high likelihood of rain this month, the heavy rains of which are interspersed with sunny days. Low prices for services and a small number of tourists in Phuket in August allow you to enjoy comfort and tranquility at a minimal cost.  

9. September: Low Season

Typically the wettest month of the year with a high likelihood of rain. September wins because, during this period of the year, tourism-related establishments compete in every possible way for visitors, offering attractive prices, including the cheapest air tickets and special accommodations.

In addition, the low number of tourists leads to an increase in the quality of service. The roads are relatively free. And even despite the frequent rain, sunny days are still possible in Phuket in September.  

The only disadvantage during this month is that according to the average statistics, September in Phuket is the wettest month of the year. Unsuitable time for diving and sea travel. Tropical showers start abruptly and stop just as abruptly.

10. October: Low Season

Another rather wet month, but, as a rule, the amount of precipitation in October is gradually decreasing. Prices and the number of tourists visiting Phuket in October remain very low, which, along with improving weather conditions, makes October one of the best periods to visit the island. Flights and hotels are usually still relatively inexpensive.  

However, the state of the sea, in general, does not yet allow diving, but swimming is already allowed on the main beaches of Phuket.

11. November: High Season

Although November is generally considered the start of the high season, it should be noted that the chance of rain, although small, still persists. For those who decide to visit Phuket in November, the last part of the month will be the best rate. The flow of tourists is gradually beginning to increase, but all chances for good weather remain without overcrowding and a significant increase in prices.

Roads are still clear, sea conditions are improving, and the unofficial diving season begins. November is the celebration of the Loy Krathong festival, one of the most colorful in the Thai calendar, when the night sky is illuminated by hundreds of burning lanterns, and the reservoirs are illuminated by hundreds of boats with burning candles.  

12. December: High Season

This month, precipitation is extremely rare and only in the form of small and short rains. The nightlife is in full swing with its fun, festive atmosphere. The sea invites you to diving and sea trips in a friendly way. The crowds of tourists grow steadily on New Year’s Eve. Prices for accommodation and other services are in full swing, although discounts are still available at some hotels.


The best time to visit Phuket really depends on many personal preferences, especially the price. Considering its popularity, December to March is the best month to fly to Phuket in terms of weather and the number of tourists.

If you prefer to avoid the busiest time of year and escape the crowds, April, May, and October are the best time to travel. I hope this information about the best time to go to Phuket will help you when planning your trip.