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Best Time To Visit Bali

Best Time To Visit Bali

Bali, an island in Indonesia, is widely known for its pristine beaches and historical landmarks. During the past year, records show that 880 million tourists visited the place. So what makes Bali juicy for visitors? Mount Batur, Seminyak Beach, Uluwatu Temple, Holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary are some of the reasons to book Bali on the itinerary.

Though sitting in the tropics and acting as an all-year-round vacation destination, Bali isn’t the place that you should visit at random. Tourist attractions in Bali serve well or serve bad depending on the time of your visit. This article provides insight into the best Bali tourist destination based on specific months. With that being said, keep your eyes scanning this article.


Since it’s a tropical country, Bali only experiences two seasons – wet and dry. As for the wet season, no other month can be wetter than January. Bali gets 90mm of rainfall for the duration of this month over a period of 16 days or more (not consecutive).

Beach resorts are cheap during January. However, your vacation shouldn’t focus on them. You won’t enjoy the beaches, because they’re usually turbulent and dirty. If you’re in Bali in the first month of the year, it’s best to spend time touring temples, watching festivals, and experiencing Balinese culture with the locals.

Where To Go and Activities in January

Celebrate New Year At Bali

Bali has a wonderful season in the new year. With that being said, the island’s beaches are great even though the rainy days of January are coming. During new year’s eve, many Balinese beach clubs host late-night parties with rave music. The best destinations are Hilton Bali Resort, Seminyak Corner House, and Finns Beach Club.

Go To Holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary

A trip to Holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali will be a great idea if you’re in Bali during mid-January. Though wet during this time, tourists aren’t around, and the place is bearably cold. You might find this better than visiting in the month of October-September, where people crowd the sanctuary making it difficult to get great shots of the pagodas and monkey statues inside.

Witness Shiva Ratri Holiday

Though many foreigners are living among them, the Balinese are nevertheless strongly upholding their Hindu heritage. Evidence of their solid adherence to culture is the celebration of the Shivaratri Holiday every 25th January. Visit temples during this time, and you’ll see monks doing ceremonies.

Bali In February

February is still a wet season in Bali. However, it’s comparably dry to January because the rains don’t last for days and only occur during mornings or afternoons at short intervals. The sun quality isn’t that good and only manages to provide a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius maximum.

Winds batter Bali as a replacement for frequent rains. These manage to provide Balinese beaches with towering waves that parasailers and surfers love. Nevertheless, note that the only great beaches in Bali during February are surfing hotspots. As for others, don’t get your hopes up.

Where To Go and Activities in February

Go Surfing and Parasailing

February winds in Bali can scale between 2.5 miles per hour to 5.6 miles per hour. As a result, the beaches have wonderful waves and torrents. Ideal locations for parasailing are Canggu, Jimbaran, Bukit Peninsula, and Sanur Beach.

Visit the Historical Sites of Denpasar

Don’t spend a lot of time surfing or parasailing if you’re in Sanur Beach. Close to it are temples that you should visit. The best ones are the Bali Museum, the Sakina Temple, Satya Dharma Temple, Candi Narmada Temple. These temples are very peaceful in February, so there are many opportunities to take great photos and cheap fun activities.

Bali in March

March marks the end of the wet season in Bali. The sunny days are hotter during this time and the heat scales from 27 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. Accompanying the gradual rising of the temperature is the gradual increase of tourist traffic. And this isn’t surprising because March is when Bali starts to get in full swing.

Where to Go and Activities in March

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is a large beach in Bali that a large reef guards. Many opt to go here during March because it’s the last beach location to increase prices to go with the peak season’s start. The highlight of the Sanur beach is the wide shoreline and the numerous boats that travel on its bluish waters

Witness the Melasti and Ogoh Ogoh Parade

Melasti is a water purification ceremony that the Balinese during March. This is very important for their tradition because it relieves the Balinese from karma and other negativities before the day of silence comes. To see the Melasti, go to any Balinese temples that have their own pools and streams.

The Ogoh Ogoh Parade will remind you of the Mexican day of the dead. This is also held during March. For the Ogoh Ogoh, the Balinese will make giant mascots of demons. These will then parade on numerous Balinese streets. The people then burn these after the parade, which ends at any of the Balinese temples.

Bali in April - July

best time to visit bali

The weather in Bali is most favorable during April – July. These months are the time when everything becomes lively. Late-night beach parties, the opening of great shopping centers, visitation of famous DJ’s and chefs, and tourists sunbathing or doing recreational activities at the coast. Be sure to prepare light clothing because the temperature reaches 33 degrees or higher.


Strive to get a Bali vacation in either April, May, and June. April, May, and June provide the ideal stay if you’re don’t have a lot to spend on a vacation. During these months, hotels and beach resorts aren’t picking up on the arrival of tourists yet. This means that prices aren’t bloated to the extremes,

Where to Go and Activities in April and July

Thomas Beach

The Padang Padang, Nusa Nua, Canggu, Seminyak, and Sanur are the best beaches to spend your vacation between April – July. During these months, the options for recreation on these beaches are endless. You can rent a yacht, go kayak fishing, engage in beachside parties, or join beach volleyball sessions.

But if the bustle of the major beaches is starting to get to you, the Thomas Beach of Bukit Peninsula is waiting to serve as a quick recluse.

Thomas beach is a hidden gem before the infamous Uluwatu Hotel opened on its premises. But right now, even if there’s a hotel nearby, Thomas Beach still has that peaceful vibe. Get a hammock, set it on the trees, and listen to the humming of the wind and the waves while looking at the fluffy clouds of the majestic sky.

Bali in August-September

best time to visit bali

Much of Bali’s activities during August-September are the same as the activities in April-July; beachside parties, water excursions, night shopping, and so on. However, prepare your pocket because August and September are when food and accommodation become unbelievably pricey.

Where To Go and Activities in August-September

Keramas Beach

To save money, you might want to go to Keramas Beach. This is a swimming location that’s near Mt. Agung. You’ll love this beach because it has a free beach pool made out of rocks that adults and kids will enjoy. Moreover, lots of surfers are around, so you’ll get to see a spectacular show of people battling the moderately huge waves.


Not far from Keramas Beach is Mt.Agung. Bali’s highest landmark and the most influential because it affects the climate, typography, and topography of the whole island. With a tour guide, you may explore the easy parts of Mt. Agung and look at the vegetation that grows there. It provides a scenic view of the surrounding green and rocky landscape and the Keramas beach waves.

Bali In October-December

Rain drenches Bali once again from October – December. There’s nothing much to do except visit the Balinese Temples and the local restaurants. The price of accommodation and food of hotels and beach resorts start to go down. But again, remember that it will continue raining for 18-20 days at most.

With that being said, October-December is the best time to go to Bali if you’re catching up on the low prices. However, if not, consider postponing your vacation and visit Bali in February instead.

Where To Go and Activities in October-December

Bali Chinatown

On rainy days, nothing beats a good cup of Pho or Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup. And for tasting the best in Bali, there’s no place like the Chinatown in Tuban. In here, you’ll find a lot of starting and established Chinese restaurants that have been on the island for many years.


The interior of these restaurants has a nice and warm oriental feel. You’ll see numerous Chinese lotus paintings on the walls and the must-have golden Chinese buddha statue. The noodles are served smoking-hot and soothe you as raindrops fall on the roof outside.

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