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12 Best Beaches In Algarve Portugal

12 Top Beaches In Algarve Portugal

Are you wondering where beachgoers spend their time in Portugal? If so, wonder no more because I’m here to provide the answer. The greatest beaches in Portugal are those in Algarve. With that being said, read this article that presents you with some of the top-rated ones.

The beaches in Algarve feature great views and swimming experiences with their brown sands, white sands, peculiar landscape, rock formations, and river mouths. Moreover, these beaches don’t entertain chaotic public parties that disrupt the peace of other tourists. In Algarve, very worthwhile beaches are:

• Tavira Island Beach
• Praia Do Barrit
• Praia Naturista
• Praia Dona Ana
• Praia Do Camilo
• Meia Praia
• Praia Do Farol
• Praia Da Gale
• Praia De Vale Da Lobo
• Praia Da Marinha
• Praia Da Ilha De Armona
• Praia De Amoreira

Tavira Island Beach

In front of the coast of Portugal’s Tavira municipality is a small island where the Praia da Ilha de Tavira or the Tavira Island Beach dwells. The Tavira Island Beach extends for 11 kilometers. Within its vicinity are basic commodities such as cottages, restaurants, a simple pier, etc.

The water of Tavira Island Beach is just optimal for swimming purposes. The water temperature of the western coast is between 17-20 degrees celsius. On the other hand, the eastern coast is a bit warmer and is at 26 degrees celsius. For this reason, many love to stay on the eastern side of Tavira Island Beach. Nevertheless, the west coast is great if you want to spend time for yourself.

Since the coast rather long doesn’t forget to bring a foldable bike. Biking at 3 p,m is great in Tavera Island Beach. Other things that you should bring to make your time more exciting are volleyball equipment and badminton equipment. Don’t worry about who to play with because those who are around are always ready to join the fun.

Praia Do Barril

East of the Tavira Island Beach is the Praia do Barril. This beach once housed a local fishing community that evacuated after tuna fishing declined. Still, the left of the fishing community didn’t leave Praia do Barril desolate. In fact, the remnants of their stay make Pria do Barril very popular with tourists.

At the backshore of the Praia Do Barril are a series of neatly arranged anchors – rusting and emptily looking at the ocean. These were the anchors of the tuna fishing boats in the past. After the fishing community left Praia Do Barril, their ships’ anchors were then used as memorials to commemorate the once-thriving tuna fishing in Praia do Barril.

There are several walkways to follow. And aside from the Cemetery of Anchors, these will take you to other attractions such as the Museo do Atum, Blue Beach Bar, Praia do Barill old town, and Parque Natural da Ria Formosa. There’s also a mini-train that kids and adults will enjoy.

Praia Naturista

The Praia Naturista beach is Algarve looks very peculiar. It resembles a small translucent lake existing on a beach. Praia Naturista is a very popular spot for pre-wedding photos due to its beauty that a sunny environment and a reddish-brown landscape characterize.

There is no accommodation in Praia Naturista. Still, you’ll be fine even with a mattress and a parasol. You don’t have to bring benches since you’ll be missing the tender feel of the sand whenever you’re lying down. Moreover, if you don’t want to walk far, also secure food and beverage before coming.

Praia Dona Ana

The Praia Dona Ana is a beach that’s part of Algarve’s Lagos city. This beach is just mesmerizing during midday and afternoon. Limestone rocks and cliffs surround the beach. And when sunlight hits these, they reflect a faint xanthic glow, making Praia Dona Ana look very lively.

You can traverse the surrounding rock cliffs of Praia Dona Ana because there are natural pathways for you to follow. However, be careful when doing so because footholds are a bit loose and can make you slip. Moreover, sharp pebbles are on the ground. Therefore, wear a set of protective clothing before doing this.

Marisol is the nearest restaurant to Praia Dona Ana. It looks more like a cafe instead of a restaurant. Food that it serves consists of Lagos classics such as fried yam, roasted corn, dambu nama, and akara. You will find this restaurant agreeable because its menu is friendly to all types of eaters.

Praia Do Camilo

The beach area of Praia Do Ana easily gets full of tourists since it’s not very expensive. If ever other tourists beat you to it, don’t worry because there’s another beach in Algarve’s Lagos city that’s as beautiful as Praia do Ana – Praia do Camilo. Aside from limestone cliffs, these beach has small cascades and caves that you can explore.

Praia Do Camilo has numerous hidden gems nearby. Usually, you have to do a bit of exploration to find this. Praia Do Camilo’s hidden beaches are stunning because they feature spots such as beachfront rock formations that you can climb for great photos and mini-caves that you can utilize as a beach cottage.

Meia Praia

Lagos city has its own marina where you can spend a wonderful time eating dinner or lunch while looking at the sea, go for boat tours, or try fishing. Still, know that Lagos’ marina isn’t the nearest and the most direct location for spending quality time at the sea. Head to the Meia Praia that’s only 10 minutes away from it. Lagos marina doesn’t hold a candle to this beach.

Meia Praia is the biggest beach in Lagos. It extends for about 4 kilometers and a half. Its area divides into a developed area with basic commodities such as beach beds, cottages, comfort rooms, restaurants, and an undeveloped area, which only features an endless streak of empty fine brown coastline.

This beach faces the Atlantic ocean. Due to this, Meia Praia enjoys the blessing of moderately strong waves. These waves are enough to practice surfing. However, the wind isn’t that great. As a result, windsurfing is poor in Meia Praia. Still, don’t be sad. The nighttime activities in Meia Praia are endless. Spend your night at this beach, and you’ll encounter gigs in front of a campfire, small private beach parties, etc.

Praia Do Farol

The Praia Do Farol is the most peaceful beach in Algarve. Add the iconic lighthouse that stands on its shore, and it becomes a location that you shouldn’t dare to ignore even if others tell you not to. The silent, laid-back feel of Praia Do Farol makes sunbathing very relaxing even if it’s crowded.

Near this beach are several classic-style Portuguese villas that you can rent for days to enjoy its nighttime vibe. Options range from simple one to four-bedroom villas. From the villas, you can access nearby restaurants such as Tasca Do Celso, Ah Fateixa, and Paparoca.

Praia Do Farol owns the river mouth of the Mira River. It rests between the shores of Praia do Farol and Praia das Furnas. You can head to it to try fishing or try kayaking. Be careful because its flow becomes a bit turbulent during high tide. Wear a personal floatation device to ensure your safety.

Praia Da Gale

Praia Da Gale impresses tourists with the diverse rock formations on its coastline. You’ll love this beach because the rock formations aren’t too big or too small to be utilized for fun. For example, there are circular rock formations where you can set up a mattress and a parasol. Others, on the other hand, become great spots for diving whenever high tide occurs.

This beach is particularly great during the summer. Summer’s spell puts the water of Praia Da Gale within 20-23 degrees celsius. With that being said, you will find Praia Da Gale highly agreeable for swimming since it doesn’t make you cold easily.

Praia Da Gale divides into two sections; east and west. That’s why this place never runs out of space regardless of tourists’ surge since there are many spots for them to utilize. For swimming equipment, there’s the Supermercado Apolonia that’s only 10 minutes away by taxi. Nearby restaurants are Massa Fina Pizzaria Artesanal and Pedras Amarelas

Praia De Vale Da Lobo

If you’re looking for a very luxurious beach in Algarve, the Praia De Vale Da Lobo is where you should go. You’ll find this in Portugal’s Golden Triangle – a famous district in Algarve where local and foreign people start to enjoy their stay.

Many famous icons choose to spend their time on this beach for many reasons; First, the seaside villas stand atop rock hills that feature red cliffs. Second, the afternoon view of Praia De Vale Da Lobo’s water is spectacular. Third, its environment is just perfect for golfing.

All in all, finding a great place to stay or eat won’t be a problem if you’re in Praia De Vale Da Lobo. Instead, the problem is how you make your money last considering that it is a very premium beach. To save money, consider booking a hotel or villa on the outskirts.

Praia Da Marinha

Praia Da Marinha is an award winning beach in Algarve. It is always a part of the top beaches in the world. Visit, and you’ll see why. Though it doesn’t have a hefty white sand strip, Praia Da Marinha is beautiful because of the orange limestone cliffs, coves, and other rock formations that the emerald seawater reflects.

The limestone cliffs, coves, and other rock formations serve as great diving spots because the water around them is deep. Moreover, fishes, though not very colorful, swim near them. Thus, if you’re looking for a quick snorkeling escapade in Algarve, Praia de Marinha won’t waste your time.

Praia Da Ilha De Armona

The white sands of Praia Da Ilha De Armona look very special if you compare them to the brown sand beaches that are common in Algarve. Praia Da Ilha De Armona features an expansive fine white sand coast that’s very soft on the feet. Moreover, underneath and on it are beautiful shells that you can take home and turn into necklaces or bracelets.

Cars are banned as a form of transport when going to Praia Da Ilha De Armona and the nearby villas. That’s why get a folding bike before coming here. There are bike rentals but don’t trust them too much because they might not be in a very pristine condition.

Praia De Amoreira

Go to Praia De Amoreira for surfing and sightseeing. This beach has strong waves which look like mini cloud nines. Their strength is just enough for intermediate and beginner surfers. Surfing is a bit perilous since the waves pass by a few rock formations on the seawater. Nevertheless, if you’re experienced, accidents aren’t bound to happen.

Praia De Amoreira becomes very beautiful at low tide. The recession of the seawater reveals a lot of rock formations that the seawater covers during high tide. The gray and black backdrops of the surrounding rock cliffs and mountains make the view more beautiful.

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