10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Samos For Ultimate Experience

If you’re looking for a beautiful and historically rich Greek island to visit, Samos should be at the top of your list. This Greek island is home to some of the most stunning landscapes and attractions in the world. And while it may not be as well-known as some of its neighbors, this island has a lot to offer tourists. In this post, I’ll share with you the 10 Top-Rated Attractions and Things to Do in Samos that are worth visiting.

Things To Do In Samos

1. Samos Town

Samos Town is the capital of the island and one of its most popular tourist destinations. The town is located in a valley on the northeast side of the island and is surrounded by hills. It is a picturesque place with narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and plenty of churches.

The town’s main square is always lively and filled with locals and tourists alike. There are many cafes, pastry shops, and restaurants where visitors can enjoy traditional Greek food. There are also souvenir shops, art galleries, and a few nightlife spots.

Samos Town is a great place to wander around and take in the sights and sounds of Greek culture. It’s also a convenient base for exploring the rest of the island. I highly recommend spending at least a day in Samos Town to see what it has to offer.

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2. Aqueduct of Eupalinos

The Aqueduct of Eupalinos is an ancient engineering marvel and one of the top attractions on Samos. It was built in the 6th century BC by the celebrated architect Eupalinos.

The aqueduct consists of a finely-crafted tunnel that runs for over one kilometer and is approximately 1.70 meters high and wide. It is a gravity-fed water system that supplies the city of Pythagoreion with fresh water. It is a marvel of engineering, as it was constructed without the use of any modern tools or machines. 

Today, the aqueduct is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is still in use. The aqueduct is open to the public and makes for a fascinating sightseeing experience. Visitors can walk along the aqueduct’s length and marvel at the ingenious construction. There are also several exhibits along the way that tell the story of its construction.

Visiting the Aqueduct of Eupalinos is definitely one of the best things to do in Samos. It is an impressive feat of ancient engineering and offers a unique glimpse into the world of ancient Greece. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in history or architecture.

3. Pythagorion

Pythagorion is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Samos. The town is located on the island’s north coast and is known for its beautiful harbor and Venetian architecture.

Pythagorion is a great place to wander around and explore the small shops, restaurants, and cafes. In addition, the town has a rich history that can be seen in its many ancient ruins. The most famous of these is the Temple of Pythagoras, dedicated to the ancient mathematician and philosopher. There is also the Venetian fortress, which was built in the 16th century. The fortress overlooks the harbor and offers great views of the town and the surrounding area.

Pythagorion is a great place to wander around and take in the sights and sounds of a typical Greek town. I recommend it to anyone looking for a charming town with plenty of history and culture.

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4. Mount Kerkis

Standing at an impressive height of 1,434 meters, Mount Kerkis is the tallest mountain and one of the top tourist attractions on Samos. This mountain is ideal for hikers, climbers, and nature lovers.

There are a few different hiking trails to the summit, each with its own level of difficulty. The trails are well marked with signposts, and most of them take around 3-4 hours to complete. The views from the summit are simply breathtaking and offer plenty of opportunities for rest and refreshment. The mountain is also home to a variety of plant and animal life, making it a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

So if you’re looking for a challenging hike with stunning views, be sure to put Mount Kerkis on your list of things to do on Samos. The climb is well worth the effort, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best views on the island.

5. Monastery of Panagia Spiliani

The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is located on a hill overlooking the village of Pythagoreio and the harbor. The views from the monastery are breathtaking, and visitors can see as far as the Aegean Sea on a clear day.

This Byzantine-era monastery is one of Samos’s most important religious sites, with a rich history and many interesting stories and legends associated with it. One of the most famous is the story of the Panagia Spiliani icon. The icon is said to have been painted by St. Luke himself and was brought to Samos from Byzantium. The monastery is open to the public, and visitors can explore the grounds, museum, and chapel.

The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani is definitely a must-see attraction for history buffs and religious pilgrims. It is one of the top attractions on Samos and offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s past.

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6. Lemonakia Beach

Lemonakia Beach is, without a doubt, the most popular beach on Samos. It stretches for over 400 meters and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The sparkling turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and rocky cliffs make for a postcard-perfect setting.

Lemonakia Beach is also a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. There are numerous sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent, as well as water sports equipment. There are also a few beach bars and restaurants where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat. Boat trips can also be taken from the beach to explore the surrounding area.

Lemonakia Beach is a wonderful place to spend a day by the sea. The views are beautiful, and there’s plenty to do both on and off the beach. In addition, the beach is easily accessible, and there is plenty of free parking available.

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7. Samos Archaeological Museum

The Samos Archaeological Museum is an attraction for those interested in the island’s ancient history. The museum is housed in a restored Venetian palace and is home to an impressive collection of archaeological finds from the ancient city of Samos.

Some of the most famous pieces on display are the Kouros statue, a 6th century BC marble sculpture of a nude youth. Other highlights include a collection of gems, coins, and pottery and an impressive display of Hellenistic sculpture.

This Archaeological Museum is one of Samos’s most important attractions that anyone interested in archaeology or ancient history should not be miss. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient history of Samos and is sure to interest anyone with interest in art or archaeology. I highly recommend a visit for anyone touring Samos.

8 Temple of Hera

The Heraion of Samos is an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. It is one of the top tourist attractions on Samos and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple was dedicated to Hera, the wife of Zeus and the queen of the Olympian gods. 

The temple is one of the best-preserved ruins and a great example of ancient architecture. It is located eight kilometers west of Pythagorion, overlooking the valley below. The temple was built in the 8th century BC and featured a Doric peristyle with 16 columns. The temple is large and impressive, surrounded by a lovely park with cypress trees and greenery.

Today, the Temple of Hera is a popular attraction and one of the most recognized landmarks on the island. Visitors can explore the temple’s ruins and see its beautiful Doric architecture. It is an interesting stop for anyone interested in ancient Greek history and culture.

9. Kokkari Village

Kokkari Village is a beautiful seaside village located on the north coast of Samos. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, offering stunningly picturesque views of the Aegean Sea, as well as a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.

The village is especially known for its winding cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses with colorful bougainvillea vines. It’s the perfect place to wander around and take in the stunning scenery. There are also a few lovely churches and chapels worth checking out. And if you’re looking for a place to stay in this village, there are plenty of cozy inns and apartments to choose from.

In terms of food, Kokkari is a real gem. The village is home to some of the best seafood restaurants on Samos. Be sure to try the local delicacies like octopus, squid, and mussels. And don’t forget to wash it all down with a cold glass of Samos wine.

I highly recommend spending some time in Kokkari Village during your visit to this island. It’s a wonderful place to relax and take in the island’s natural beauty. It’s definitely one of the top attractions on Samos if you’re looking for a charming seaside village to explore.

10. Tsamadou Beach

Tsamadou Beach is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches on Samos. It is located on the island’s north coast and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

The beach has a long and narrow strip of sand that stretches for over a kilometer. It is well-known for its clear turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs, and serene atmosphere. Visitors can find sun loungers and parasols for rent, as well as showers and toilets. There’s also a beach bar and restaurant, making it the perfect spot to spend a lazy day by the sea.

Tsamadou Beach is among the busiest beaches on Samos. It usually gets crowded during the summer months, so it’s best to go early in the morning or in the evening to find a spot. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a visit for its amazing views and tranquil setting. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful and secluded beach to relax on.

In summary

The ten tourist attractions on Samos are varied, but each one is worth exploring. Whether you’re looking for stunning beaches, historical sights, lively nightlife, or picturesque villages, you’ll find it on this Greek island. So get out there and start exploring.