12 Best Weekend Getaways in Oklahoma

Have you ever wanted to get away from your everyday life and have something different? Well, if you are looking for some weekend getaways in Oklahoma, then this post is for you.

Oklahoma may not be the first state you think of when it comes to a weekend getaway, but there are plenty of great attractions that make this destination worth a visitIn fact, Oklahoma has been ranked as one of the best states for weekend getaways. From stunning waterfalls, caves, lush green forests, tranquil lakes, rolling hills, and rich history, this state offers something for everyone.

To make things easier for you, I’ve created this list of the 12 Best Weekend Getaways in Oklahoma where you can have fun all weekend long. Enjoy!

Best Weekend Getaways in Oklahoma

1. Weekend in Oklahoma City

If you prefer to be at the center of things, then a weekend getaway in Oklahoma City might be more up your alley. From the state capitol building to the downtown arts district and historical landmarks, this city has something for everyone.

I suggest starting your adventure at National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. This incredible museum is full of art galleries and interactive exhibitions that capture the history and spirit of American frontier life. You’ll learn about what life was like during its early days when cattle drives were at their peak.

After you’ve had your fill of the museum, then head out on an adventure. Take a trip to the Boathouse District and rent a kayak and enjoy the beautiful views as you paddle along. Also, don’t forget to check out the Paseo Arts District, which is an eclectic district full of artist studios, galleries.

Another cool place I recommend you explore in Oklahoma City is Bricktown, which began as a warehouse district. Today, it has now been transformed into one of the city’s most unique attractions, with restaurants, bars, and shops lining its brick-lined streets. There are even major events that take place here, such as movie screenings under the stars or festivals celebrating different occasions.

A trip to Oklahoma City is an excellent way to take advantage of all that this state has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a fun date or just some time to explore with your family, the possibilities for your weekend are endless in this entertaining part of town.

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2. Weekend at Little Sahara State Park

A day at Little Sahara state park is one of the most exciting weekend getaways in Oklahoma. This is because it allows visitors to enjoy a variety of activities that are great for families or groups of friends who want to have some fun outdoors.

This park is known for its dunes, which are 25 to 75 feet high. You can take an ATV or Jeep down these massive dunes or ride with the daredevil rider who wants to soar across it. If you want to experience what life looks like on Mars, then check out this state park for yourself. Not only is it a great spot for off-roading, but this park is also ideal for hiking and exploring nature up close.

Also, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit on your next trip here. This is because there are several swimming holes scattered throughout the area that make for excellent opportunities to cool off after spending hours exploring this massive park.

Another popular activity at this spot is camping under the stars. With plenty of room for everyone and tons of proximity to nature, it’s easy to see why so many enjoy coming here over and over again.

3. Route 66 Weekend

When most people think of a road trip, they picture winding roads and open skies. These are the perfect conditions for a weekend getaway along historic Route 66.

In addition to being known as the Mother Road, this route is now considered a National Scenic Byway. This is because of its scenic views and untouched history here in Oklahoma. In fact, you can still see parts of Route 66 as it once was decades ago. This includes vintage gas stations that have been preserved and abandoned motels that used to serve the countless travelers stopping here.

But if getting your kicks on Route 66 isn’t enough for you, then I recommend checking out the Route 66 Museum. This incredible museum is filled with memorabilia that will take you back in time, such as amazing antique cars and motorcycles that were once used to traverse this historic route.

A weekend getaway involving Route 66 is a great way to experience all the magnificent things Oklahoma has to offer. So, if you’re looking for a decent adventure, then look no further than this incredible piece of American history.

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4. Weekend Camping at Turner Falls

For a relaxing weekend in Oklahoma, then a trip to Turner Falls State Park is sure to please. Located in Davis, Oklahoma, this place is home to some serious natural beauty that won’t soon be forgotten.

You can start your adventure by hiking along Turner Falls Trail. You’ll see all kinds of wildlife as you hike past quiet creeks, towering Grand Fir trees, and various other mountain flora-like pine trees. As you make your way up the trail, it will wind back down towards the 77-feet waterfall spilling over granite cliffs, which are truly majestic-looking.

There are also plenty of other outdoor activities available here that will keep you busy throughout the day. For example, fishing, hiking, and swimming at either the falls or in the pool area. You can stay busy during the day with all these different activities before ending your nights around a nice warm fire while roasting meat.

Luckily, the campground has plenty of quality amenities that will keep you comfortable as well as entertained throughout your visit here. There’s also plenty of space to pitch a tent or set up a trailer here, so don’t forget to bring one along.

For me, my favorite thing about camping at Turner Falls is being able to watch nature in all its glory from my campsite. The sights of the waterfall at night are truly one of a kind since it’s so peaceful and mesmerizing. So, if you’re looking for a perfect weekend getaway in Oklahoma, then Turner Falls Park should definitely be on your list of places to go.

5. Chickasaw National Recreation Area

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature when you head out of town, then a day trip to Chickasaw National Recreation Area is perfect for you. With the beauty of over 9,000 acres full of woodland trails and pristine lakes, this area has something for everyone.

I suggest beginning your adventure at one of this park’s nature trails, such as the Black Bear Trail, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding. You can explore the park on your own or enjoy one of the many guided tours that are offered by the staff. There are even special events held throughout the year that include fishing derbies and viewing stars through special telescopes used by NASA.

I recommend making plans with friends or family and visiting areas such as the Lake of the Arbuckles. Here, you can go boating or just enjoy some quiet time during sunrise or sunset. Of course, there’s always plenty of fun things to do no matter how long your stay is.

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6. Weekend in Tulsa

Looking for a change of pace? Then you will want to check out an upcoming weekend in Tulsa. This midwestern city is home to museums, art galleries, trendy shops, and even some historical landmarks that are sure to keep you busy. The best thing about this city is its diversity, which gives visitors plenty of options for their weekend getaway.

I suggest starting your adventure at Gilcrease Museum. This incredible museum holds the largest collection of works by artist Thomas Gilcrease. Here you will learn more about Oklahoma’s history through fine art pieces like sculpture and pottery.

After you’ve had your fill, then head over to Guthrie Green Park. This park is located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, and it is a great spot to relax with your significant other or meet a few friends for a casual conversation. Just one street over is the Brady Arts District. It holds several art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that are worth checking out if you have time. Other attractions you can’t miss are Woody Guthrie Center, blue dome district, and BOK Center.

A weekend getaway to this place will truly allow you to experience what Oklahoma has to offer. From museums to parks and shops, this city has it all when it comes to an escape from reality without going too far away.

7. Golfing in Broken Arrow

If you love the game of Golf, then what better place to spend a romantic weekend getaway with your partner other than Broken Arrow? This city is known for its golfing and has loads of courses. So, whether you’re just taking a couple of days off to play some rounds or planning an entire trip, there are great places for you to visit in Oklahoma.

To start, Broken Arrow is the perfect spot for anyone looking to have an excellent time on their course. If you prefer nine holes, you can visit the Golf Club of Oklahoma, where you’ll be greeted with beautiful views and pristine greens. And if you love 18-holes can take on the scenic terrain at Forest Ridge Golf Club, which was named one of “America’s Best Affordable Courses.”

You’ll find plenty of entertainment options in Broken Arrow too. After spending most of the day on the green, why not check out the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center? Or go out into one of the best restaurants, bars, and shops in town. Going to Broken Arrow will make your golf weekend an experience that you won’t forget!

8. Wichita Mountain Getaway

After a long week of work, there is nothing better than getting away for the weekend to enjoy an adventure. And what could be better than spending your time exploring Wichita Mountains?

This area is located just a few hours from Oklahoma and offers some incredible hiking trails that range from rugged mountainside trails overlooking red rock canyons, to serene nature walks. These peaceful mountains are full of wildlife that you can spot while hiking, biking, or even taking a scenic drive through it.

Another exciting adventure I recommend taking around these parts is visiting the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. This beautiful park is filled with over 59,000 acres’ worth of towering mountains and vast grasslands filled with animals like bison and elk!

Overall, if you’re looking for a place with an incredible diversity of things to do and see, then Wichita Mountains is an excellent choice.

9. Beavers Bend State Park

If you want to get back to nature, then a weekend getaway at Beavers Bend State Park is the way to do it. In this state park, you can immerse yourself in trails and rivers while exploring its hills and forests for memories that will last a lifetime.

Some of the best parts about going on an adventure here are the natural wonders that await. You can enjoy a hiking trail or maybe even go camping. Some of the trails also take hikers up into the mountains, where they’ll have panoramic views of Oklahoma’s wilderness from atop its ridge. If you’d prefer to be closer to the water, then take your pick from any one of the trails available at Broken Bow Lake.

Beavers Bend State Park has something for everyone, making it one of the best choices for your weekend getaways in Oklahoma. With endless adventures waiting for you along its trails and rivers, you’ll be able to build memories that will last a lifetime with family or friends.

10. Weekend in Lawton

Are you looking for a fun weekend getaway in Oklahoma that won’t cost you much? Then Lawton is the place to go. From stunning natural landmarks to exciting outdoor adventures, this city has plenty of exciting things to see and do.

The first thing I recommend doing when visiting this area would be visiting Comanche National Museum & Cultural Center. This museum highlights Native American history in the state of Oklahoma and, in particular, the Comanches in this region. It consists of multiple galleries filled with vibrant art pieces depicting various important figures in their culture.

After checking out this amazing museum, check out some local attractions that include Elmer Thomas Park, Lake Lawtonka, and Comanche Casino. Lawton is also home to Fort Sill, where you can explore historical buildings and even drive through some of the trails that were used by US soldiers for training purposes.

Finally, don’t forget to visit some of the local bars and restaurants while you’re out exploring. This town has some of the best places to eat in all of Oklahoma.

11. Lake Texoma

Also known as “the jewel of Oklahoma,” Lake Texoma is the perfect place to go for a fun-filled weekend getaway. The lake actually straddles two states. Texas on its southern side and Oklahoma to its north. This makes it one of just three lakes that span two states in the United States.

For many people, boating and fishing are the most popular activities here. Fishing is popular year-round, though, due to the fact that there are different types of bass found in these waters. You can fish from one of the docks or simply enjoy a nice picnic while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

While here, don’t forget to check out Fort Washita Historic Site, Eisenhower State Park, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, and Fort Washita Historic Site. These are also fun attractions that you should consider adding to your list while in this area. There are also several restaurants located here where you can enjoy everything from burgers and fries to fine dining.

Lake Texoma truly is one of Oklahoma’s premier weekend getaways. So, if you’re looking to make some memories with your loved one, then I definitely recommend checking out this incredible place.

12. Antiquing Weekend in Jenks

If you love antiques, then a weekend trip to Jenks is exactly what you need. This small town has been named the antique capital of Oklahoma due to the countless shops that line its streets. And if you don’t know what antiques are, they basically refer to things that are old or vintage. This includes furniture, clothing, books, artwork, and even items you use in your home on a regular basis.

So, if this sounds good to you, then head out on an antiquing weekend to Jenks for some fun! You’ll be able to enjoy the quaint downtown district while exploring all of the unique shops that carry everything from antiques to modern pieces. Plus, there are multiple festivals where you can find great deals on everything from clothes to home décor items.

If that still isn’t enough fun for you, then perhaps heading over to Jenks Marketplace will be. Here you’ll find more than 80 shops and restaurants, as well as a large movie theater. There is something for everyone in this shopping center!