10 Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and most populous city. Tourists usually flock to Bangkok for the city’s temples, markets, and vibrant nightlife. However, many don’t realize that some of the best beaches in Thailand are actually located just outside of Bangkok.

Beaches near Bangkok provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and are ideal for a day trip or even a weekend getaway. So, if you’re looking for the best beaches near Bangkok, look no further than this list of the 10 beaches located within a few hours’ drive of the city.

Beaches Near Bangkok

1. Laem Mae Phim Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

You never have to travel far from Bangkok to find a good beach. That’s one of the great things about this city. And Laem Mae Phim beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Bangkok you can visit, lying about 2.5 hours east of the city in Rayong province.

This 4km long stretch of coastline is famous for its clear water, fine sand, and lush greenery. It’s the perfect spot to relax and escape the noisy and crowded beaches near Bangkok.

Laem Mae Phim is a popular spot for both Thai and foreign tourists, but it never feels too busy. You can find plenty of space to lay down your towel, read a book and catch some rays. The beach is also great for swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking. There are several seafood restaurants along the beach, where you can enjoy fresh seafood at reasonable prices. 

In recent years, Laem Mae Phim has become a popular destination for tourists who come for the weekend to enjoy the quiet beaches and scenic views. And for this reason, a number of new hotels and resorts have sprung up in the area.

The best part is that the beaches remain unspoilt and quiet. And there are plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options available. This includes bungalows, guesthouses, and small hotels.

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2. Hua Hin Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Hua Hin is a beach resort town located just 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok. It is a popular weekend getaway for people living in the city, and as a result, it can get quite crowded on weekends and holidays. Nevertheless, it is still a great place to go for a relaxing beach holiday.

Hua Hin Beach is the main beach in townstretching for four kilometers. It is a wide beach with soft white sand and clear waters. The beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. In addition, there are many beach activities on offer, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

While the beaches here are great, Hua Hin is also worth visiting for its other attractions. These include the Hua Hin Night Market, Khao Takiap Temple, and the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.

And when it comes to accommodation, there is no shortage of places to stay in Hua Hin. For luxury accommodation, I recommend the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, or the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. All of these resorts offer excellent facilities and services to make your stay in Hua Hin more enjoyable.

As you can see, Hua Hin is a great place to go for a relaxing beach holiday. So if you’re looking for the best beaches near Bangkok, then Hua Hin should definitely be high on your list.

3. Pattaya Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Who could forget Pattaya beach? This is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand and is just a two-hour drive from Bangkok. Pattaya has been a popular beach destination for many years, with tourists flocking to the town for its sunny beaches, lively nightlife, and varied activities.

The beaches here are world-renowned, with Pattaya Beach being the main stretch of sand in town. And although in the past it has been plagued by pollution and overcrowding, it has undergone a massive cleanup in recent years and is now much cleaner than it used to be.

Today, Pattaya Beach is an action-packed place, with plenty of water sports on offer, as well as a wide range of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Unfortunately, swimming here is impossible due to the sheer number of speedboats and jet skis zipping around. But it’s still a great place to sunbathe, people watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

The northern end of Pattaya Beach is less crowded and is where you can go if you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe. The central and southern end of the beach is where all the action is, with a lively atmosphere and plenty of bars and restaurants.

When it comes to finding somewhere to stay in Pattaya, I recommend checking out the Dusit Thani Pattaya, Amari Pattaya, or the Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa.

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4. Jomtien Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Jomtien Beach is located just south of Pattaya and is a much quieter and more relaxed than its neighbor. This 6-kilometer stretch of sand is popular with families and those looking for a more low-key beach experience.

Jomtien Beach is also much cleaner than Pattaya Beach, with crystal clear water perfect for swimming. Water sports are also available here but are not as widespread as in Pattaya. I saw a few jet skis and parasailing operators, but that was about it. And although there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes lining the beach, it never feels too busy or crowded. And though the beach becomes narrow during high tide, you’ll never have trouble finding a spot to sunbathe or relax.

Jomtien is one of the best beaches near Bangkok if you’re looking for somewhere to relax by the beach. There is also enough parking along the beachfront road, so it’s easy to drive here and find a spot.

For the best deals on hotels in Jomtien, I recommend checking out the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort, Sea Breeze Jomtien Resort, and The Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort.

5. Koh Larn (Coral Island)

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Koh Larn is an island off the coast of Pattaya, which is about a two-hour drive from Bangkok. The island is a great day trip from Pattaya and can easily be reached by ferry.

It’s a small island, measuring just 4km long and 2km wide. In total, there are six beaches on the island, all of which are beautiful with fine sand and clear water.

Tawaen Beach is the busiest and most popular beach on the island, with plenty of sun loungers and parasols for visitors to use. It’s also the best place to find a beachfront restaurant or bar, should you need a break from the sun.

Samae Beach is located on the island’s west coast and is a great spot for swimming, as the water is nice and shallow. It’s also popular with snorkelers, as there are some good coral reefs close to the shore. Tien Beach is next to Samae and is just as lovely, with the added bonus of being much quieter.

And if you’re looking for a secluded spot to sunbathe or swim, then head to Tonglang Beach. This is a small and secluded beach located on the northeastern coast of the island.

Koh Larn should be high on your list if you’re looking for the most beautiful beaches near Bangkok. You can spend a day on any of these beaches, as they are all beautiful and offer something slightly different. And if you wish to spend a night on the island, there are a few mid-range hotels to choose from.

6. Bang Saen Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

When people think of the best beaches near Bangkok, it’s unlikely that Bang Saen will be the first to come to mind. Quite frankly, it’s not even the second or third. In fact, I would argue that it’s not even in the top 10.

So why am I including it in this list of best beaches near Bangkok? Well, it’s simple. Bang Saen is the closest beach to Bangkok. And if you are short on time or just want to spend a day by the sea, then it’s the perfect place to go.

Just about 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok, Bang Saen is a popular weekend getaway for people living in the city. There is nothing special about this beach, but it’s a great place to relax, swim and soak up the sun. Fir trees provide natural shade along the coastline, and there are a number of restaurants and cafes if you get hungry.

7. Koh Samet

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

No list of the best beaches near Bangkok would be complete without the inclusion of Koh Samet. This island is about 3.5 hours from Bangkok, making it the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Koh Samet is a national park island, and as such, it’s relatively undeveloped. There are no high-rise buildings or mega resorts. In fact, there are only a few midrange hotels on the island.

The beaches here are beautiful, with fine white sand and clear blue water. The most popular beach on the island is Haad Sai Kaew, with a string of beachfront bungalow resorts and restaurants. Other beaches worth mentioning are Ao Prao, Ao Lukyon, Ao Pakarang, and Laem Yai.

If you want to stay on Koh Samet, I recommend the Ao Prao Resort or Sai Kaew Beach Resort. Both of these resorts are located on beaches that are quiet and beautiful.

8. Cha Am Beach

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Another beach town near Bangkok that is popular with tourists is Cha Am. This town is about a 2.5 – 3 hour drive southwest of Bangkok, making it a great day trip or an easy weekend getaway.

The beaches in Cha Am are usually clean and clear, making them perfect for swimming. The sand is also great for walking, running, or riding a bike along the seafront path. And unlike other beaches near Bangkok, Cha Am is less developed. This means there are no high-rise condos or big hotels right on the beach.

But that doesn’t mean the beach is deserted. On the contrary, it is busy with locals and tourists alike enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, making it easy to spend a whole day at the beach.

After a day of swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing, you can explore the town, which has a number of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. And don’t forget to visit the Mrigadayavan Palace, which is a beautiful summer palace that was once used by the Thai royal family. The palace is made entirely of teak and comprises several buildings, all connected by covered walkways.

All in all, the beaches in Cha Am are perfect if you want to relax in a more natural and quiet setting. This makes them some of the famous beaches near Bangkok to visit and enjoy.

9. Pranburi 

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Pranburi is a coastal town located about 30 minutes drive south of Cha Am. It’s a much quieter and more tranquil destination with a slower pace of life. As a result, it’s become very popular with retirees and people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Pranburi has a number of beaches, the most popular being Pak Nam Pran beach. This long stretch of sand is fringed by coconut trees and looks out to the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. The water is clean, and there are plenty of beach umbrellas and sun loungers for visitors. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset with a cold beer or cocktail in hand.

If you are looking for a quieter beach, then head to Khao Kalok beach. This is a small beach that stretches fromPranburi Beach to Khao Kalok. It’s a great spot for swimming and snorkeling as the water is clean and clear.

Pranburi also has a number of restaurants, cafes, and bars. However, don’t expect crazy nightlife as it is much more low-key than other beach towns near Bangkok.

10. Koh Kood

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

I just had to include Koh Kood on this list of the best beaches near Bangkok, although it is a bit of a distance from the capital. It’s about 4 hours drive followed by a 1-hour ferry ride. But I think it is well worth the effort to get here as it is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. In fact, several publications have rated this island as one of the best in Asia.

Koh Kood is still relatively undeveloped compared to other beaches in Thailand. There are only a handful of resorts on the island, so it still feels very natural. This is an island where you come to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in nature.

The beaches here are stunning, with fine white sand and clear turquoise waters. This makes it the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, or snorkeling. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can go jungle trekking in the interior of the island.

And if you love seafood, you will be in heaven as there are many great seafood restaurants on the island. Most of the seafood is caught fresh each day and is very reasonably priced. So make sure you try some of the delicious dishes on offer.

Since the island is quite a distance from Bangkok, I recommend staying for at least 2 – 3 nights to make the most of your time here. And when it comes to accommodation, I recommend staying at the Soneva Kiri, Tolani Resort Koh Kood, or Tinkerbell Resort. These are all luxury resorts that will make your stay on the island even more special.

In Summary

These are the best beaches near Bangkok that you can visit on a day trip or weekend getaway. And with so many great activities on offer, you will never get bored. So start planning your trip and enjoy some time at one of these amazing beaches.