Why This Popular Beach Town Is Now One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico

You’ve probably heard about Tulum, a popular Mexican beach town. But did you know it’s rapidly becoming one of Mexico’s safest destinations?

Thanks to major safety initiatives, partnerships with local law enforcement, and some substantial investments, you’ll find a significant drop in crime rates.

With the new Maya Train and an International Airport on the way, your travel couldn’t be safer.

Let’s dive into why Tulum is transforming into a secure haven for tourists.

Security Concerns In Tulum

You might’ve heard about the increasing crime rates in Tulum, which have made some tourists consider other destinations, but it’s important to note that measures are being taken to address these safety concerns.

The Navy of Mexico, local police, and the Mexican National Guard are working tirelessly to enhance safety in Tulum.

Significant investments are being made, including the development of the Tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, run by the military, aiming to increase security.

Additionally, the upcoming Maya Train will provide a safer means of transportation for tourists. You can’t ignore the fact that crime exists, but it’s reassuring to know that authorities are actively fighting back, making Tulum a safer destination for vacationers.

Investments Are Being Made To Keep Tulum Safe

Significant investments are being made to improve Tulum’s safety. This includes the deployment of the Mexican National Guard and the construction of new transportation infrastructure. You’ll see these security forces patrolling popular tourist hotspots, helping to maintain peace and order.

They’re also investing in the local police force, providing continuous training to ensure they’re ready to handle any situation.

Moreover, they’re building up the transportation sector with projects like the Maya Train and the Tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport.

Expected to start operations in December 2023, these will offer you safer, more reliable ways to explore Tulum.

Maya Train

It’s expected that the Maya Train, set to launch in December 2023, will provide a safer means of travel for tourists visiting Tulum.

This impressive initiative will connect Tulum with the rest of the Yucatan peninsula.

You can forget about travel anxieties. With the Maya Train, you’re choosing reliability and safety.

Furthermore, this mode of transportation won’t break your budget. It’s an affordable solution to navigate the region without compromising your security.

The train’s route will be under vigilant surveillance, both from the ground and air, ensuring a safe environment for your travels.

New International Airport Run By The Military

Aiming to boost security, there’s a new international airport in the works in Tulum, managed by the military. This development is a part of a broader effort to ensure safety and promote tourism in the region.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport is set to open by December 2023.

This isn’t just an airport; it’s an investment of $182 million, addressing the overcrowding issue at the Cancun terminal. You can expect a seamless, safe travel experience.

The airport, along with the Maya Train, will provide safe, reliable transportation for visitors like you.

Remember, the military, local police, and government are working tirelessly to protect you and ensure the city’s growth. Tulum is making strides in becoming one of Mexico’s safest destinations.


So, you see, Tulum isn’t just a beautiful beach town—it’s also becoming one of Mexico’s safest spots.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Navy, local police, and the National Guard, crime rates are dropping.

Plus, the new airport and Maya Train are making travel safer and easier.

It’s clear Tulum’s determined to protect its tourists and thrive.

So why not consider it for your next getaway?