Why This Asian Capital Is Now One Of The Most Popular Destinations In The World

You’ve likely heard the buzz about Seoul, South Korea’s vibrant capital. You’re drawn to the charm of the rejuvenated Seochon neighborhood, the allure of ‘set-jetting’, and the TikTok-fueled personal color analysis trend.

With new direct flights making Seoul more accessible than ever, you’re itching to join the surge of travelers making it their go-to destination.

Discover why Seoul is now one of the most popular destinations in the world and why you should be next to visit.

Trendy Revival of Seochon Neighborhood

You’ll be instantly drawn to the revived Seochon neighborhood, a place where authenticity meets modernity, filled with trendy new businesses and traditional Korean homes. This irresistible blend of old and new is what sets Seochon apart.

As you wander through its narrow, curving alleyways, you’ll notice the striking contrast between the traditional Korean homes, known as Hanoks, and the young, creative businesses that have sprung up around them.

You’ll be amazed by how the old and the new coexist in harmony. The charm of the old-world architecture is preserved, while the vibrant energy of the new businesses brings life and vitality to the area.

You’ll find unique shops selling handmade crafts, popular corner cafes serving specialty coffees, and recently restored homestays offering a unique, traditional experience.

The authenticity of the village is its biggest draw, attracting tourists from all around the globe.

The revival of Seochon neighborhood is a testament to the city’s ability to honor its past while embracing the future. It’s a must-visit spot on your trip to Seoul, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Seoul Set-Jetting

‘Set-jetting’ has become the latest trend in Seoul. Tourists are flocking to the city to visit locations from their favorite Korean TV series and movies.

You, too, can experience the thrill of standing right where your favorite characters stood. Iconic spots like the N Seoul Tower and the Grand Hyatt Seoul are from popular shows like ‘XO, Kitty’.

This trend isn’t just about sightseeing. It’s about connecting with a show or movie that’s captured your heart. The excitement of seeing these places in person, of walking the same streets, is something you can’t put a price on.

What’s driving this set-jetting trend? It’s the wildfire of international fandom for Korean series and movies. People across the world, maybe even you, have fallen in love with Korean drama and their unforgettable settings.

Tik Tok Tourism and Gen Z Trends

There’s a new trend sweeping Gen Z tourists in Seoul, and it’s all about personal color analysis, driven largely by the TikTok platform.

Imagine being able to find out which colors flatter your skin tone the most in a detailed consultation. You’re not just getting a makeover; you are being given a whole new way to express yourself.

In Seoul, the cost of a personal color analysis is cheaper than in other major cities, by up to 70%. It’s not just a bargain, it’s a life-changing experience. And it’s not just popular in Seoul.

Even the Korean Tourism Organization has set up a pop-up color analysis studio in New York’s Rockefeller Center, so you can get a taste of the trend without even leaving the US.

The craze for personal color analysis has exploded on TikTok with over 375 million views, making it a key driver of the surge in tourism in Seoul.

So, why not join the trend? Try out a color analysis during your next trip to Seoul. You’ll not only discover your best colors, but also a vibrant city full of surprises.

New Direct Flights

Getting to Seoul has never been easier, with a surge in new routes to the city’s Incheon Airport from all over the globe.

Airlines are stepping up to meet the increasing demand, making your trip to Seoul more accessible than ever before. United Airlines, for instance, has boosted their flights from San Francisco to Seoul by 70%.

Even budget airlines are jumping on the bandwagon, offering prices that are up to 20% lower than full-service carriers.

This brings down the cost of your trip and leaves you more to spend on exploring the city’s stunning sights, gastronomical delights, and unique experiences.

What’s more, you’ve now got more options for direct flights. Prague Airport and Jetstar have both launched new direct routes to Seoul. This means less time spent in transit and more time spent experiencing the vibrant culture and history of Seoul.


So, you’re wondering why Seoul’s a hot ticket right now?

It’s all about the trendy Seochon neighborhood, the ‘set-jetting’ trend, and the Gen Z obsession with personal color analysis.

Add in those new direct flights making it easier than ever to get there, and it’s no wonder Seoul’s topping the chart for Asian destinations.

Whether you’re a movie buff or a trend-hopping TikToker, there’s something in Seoul for you.