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Traveling is an experience that everyone should try to do. Seeing the sights attractions of different places, interacting with various cultures, and trying delicacies unique to each country or city makes you appreciate how wonderful life is. If you’re not traveling yet, I suggest that you do it at least once. Who knows, what you need to keep going might be found while traveling.

I experience the wonderful outcomes that an adventure can bring to life. Since I was young, I knew that I was born to travel. Up until now, I remember reading Ripley’s Believe it or Not and wishing to go to the amazing place that’s featured. There’s also the curiosity about what the world has to offer that served as the firewood for my burning passion. Even if I have traveled to various places already, my thirst for adventure isn’t quenched. Now, I am still asking; Which place should I visit next?

I’m glad that developments in the present time are making things much better for travelers like me. Right now, states are developing one tourist attraction after another. Still, the discovery of hidden gems makes me very excited to travel. You might now know it, but there are many tourist attractions that one can only access by contacting the right people online.

My travels to the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and Switzerland attest to this. The Philippines impressed my stomach with its Lechon (spit-roast pig), chicharron (fried pork rind), balut ( boiled duck egg), and adobo. Japan and Switzerland impressed me with their scenic spots. Going there made me realize that nature’s hidden gems can be preserved with the right urban planning, engineering, and discipline.

On the other hand, my trip to Australia made me realize that music can be essential for a particular culture to don’t share their musical instruments with foreigners. In there, asking an aboriginal Australian to lend you his didgeridoo is sacrilegious. Natives believe that the didgeridoo is closely tied to their culture. I think there’s even an Australian law that formalizes this belief. Still, know that aboriginal Australians see it as an insult to see foreigners playing their sacred instrument because of this.

These are only a fraction of my experiences from traveling. Nevertheless, I understand that not all have the time to travel like me. Furthermore, some aren’t keen on coming out of their comfort zones for the sake of travel. There are lots of factors that may keep you from traveling, such as priorities, busy schedules, fear of going away from home, and a tight budget, of course.

These reasons made me wonder about how I can help people travel even when they’re at their homes or working at offices. My pondering then drove me to create this website as a solution. I aim to make this website a virtual tour guide that will take people to various exciting places in the world. Thus, this is the place that will take your imagination to the bustling streets of Thailand and Korea, the magnificent aura of China’s red square, the luscious food hubs of the U.S., and other fun places you wish to go.

Let me share with you a very memorable quote. It says, ” We travel not to escape life but for life to escape us.” Yep! That’s the reason why I’m traveling. It’s not for me to escape responsibilities. Hence, I do it to give myself time and be ready for what’s to come. Be like me, travel now, and let the world take you on a whole new ride.