5 Reasons Why This Island Destination Will Be The Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

As digital nomads set their sights on Tenerife, they’re discovering it’s more than just a pretty island. With affordable living, Spain’s enticing Digital Nomad Visa, year-round sunshine, a thriving community, and easy European travel, it’s no wonder they’re flocking here.

Let’s delve into the top five reasons why Tenerife’s quickly becoming the next digital nomad hotspot.

Key Takeaways

  • Affordable cost of living compared to mainland Spain
  • Spain’s digital nomad visa allows digital nomads to live and work in Tenerife for up to one year
  • Warm and sunny climate all year round
  • Growing digital nomad community with coworking spots and networking opportunities

The Allure of Affordable Living

One of the key draws for digital nomads considering Tenerife as their next hotspot is the island’s surprisingly affordable cost of living. Compared to mainland Spain, Tenerife’s expenses are significantly lower, making it possible to live comfortably on less than $2,000 a month.

For those willing to splurge a bit, $3,000 per month promises an even better quality of life.

It’s this low cost that’s making Tenerife increasingly attractive to digital nomads. Coupled with Spain’s digital nomad visa, introduced in 2023, it’s become easier for digital nomads to legally work and enjoy Tenerife’s lifestyle.

With an income requirement of just $2,313 a month for the visa, Tenerife has positioned itself as a viable, affordable, and desirable destination for today’s digital workforce.

The Advantage of Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa, introduced in 2023, provides an excellent opportunity for remote workers to experience the lifestyle in Tenerife and work from this beautiful location. It’s a game-changer, allowing digital nomads to legally live and work in Spain, including the Canary Islands, for up to a year.

What’s more, the income requirement isn’t too high, at just $2,313 per month. This makes it easier for digital nomads, who often have varying incomes, to qualify.

The visa brings Tenerife’s sunny climate, affordable living, and growing digital nomad community within reach. The opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture while enjoying the benefits of a digital nomad lifestyle has made this visa, and Tenerife, very attractive to the remote working community.

The Appeal of a Warm and Sunny Climate

Tenerife’s year-round warm and sunny climate certainly adds to its allure for those considering a move. Even in winter, the mercury doesn’t drop below 60 F, offering a comfortable escape for those used to harsher climates.

In the summer, temperatures hover around 80 to 85 F, perfect for enjoying the island’s beautiful beaches. The consistent sunshine means there’s always an opportunity to relax outdoors, hike in the natural parks, or simply work from a sun-soaked terrace.

It’s this climate that attracts digital nomads, who can work in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon. There’s no fighting against a cold, dark winter here. Tenerife’s weather isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for productivity too.

That’s why it’s fast becoming a hotspot for remote workers.

The Attraction of a Growing Digital Nomad Community

Beyond the sunshine and affordability, it’s the rapidly expanding community of remote workers that’s drawing more and more people to Tenerife. They’re finding a vibrant, growing digital nomad community already in place, ready to welcome them.

Over a dozen coworking spaces are scattered across the island, providing ample opportunity for networking and collaboration.

It’s not just about work though, Tenerife’s digital nomad community knows how to play too. Events and meet-ups are common, providing a social outlet for remote workers and expats alike.

This sense of community is a big part of what’s making Tenerife the next digital nomad hotspot. It’s not just an island paradise, it’s a place where digital nomads can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

The Accessibility of Convenient Flights to Europe

One of the perks of living in Tenerife is the easy access to flights that connect to various European destinations. It’s an island well-linked to mainland Europe, with cheap and frequent flights.

Hopping over to Madrid takes less than three hours, and it’s only a 3.5-hour flight to Barcelona. Trips to Lisbon, Portugal, are a quick 2.5 hours away, while London is a manageable 4.5-hour journey.

Thanks to budget airlines, you can snag round-trip tickets for as low as $50 to $100, making it easy and affordable to explore more of Europe.

It’s this accessibility and convenience that makes Tenerife an attractive base for digital nomads, who often have a desire to travel and explore new places while they work.