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Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Never neglect including Prague in your travel destinations for visiting the wonderful cities of Europe. Prague – with its Romanesque chapels, Baroque palaces, mystical gardens, and Art Noveau buildings – will impress you with all of its glory. It’s a city where you’ll witness the unique hubbub of Praguers, who you’ll often see at museums, parks, restaurants, or bars.

Locals living in Prague see that the city has got what it takes to make them stay. And for that reason, Prague is the most populated city in the Czech Republic. But as for you, who’s a tourist? What does Prague offer? Come with me and allow your mind to explore the magnificent city through this article.

For tourists in Prague taking a walk to explore the city is a must, as there are many things to see that one will easily miss when riding public transport. Prague has museums so visiting them makes a worthwhile stay. Going to the bars and pubs for Czech beer, having coffee at Kinte, or a riverside walk at Pristav 18600 will be great for unwinding.

Tourists also enjoy exploring the gourmet in Prague. Prague has original treats that grab the appetite of even the pickiest eaters. Allocate an entire day for visiting restaurants, and food stands for tasting Chimney Cake, Ghoulash, Czech Pancake, Grilled Sausage Sandwich, Open-Faced Sandwich, Pickled Cheese, and Pork Knuckle.

But what’s the best thing about Prague really? Millions of tourists aren’t visiting only for experiencing the activities above. Proceed to the next section to know the true treasures that contribute to Prague’s fame.

Prague is an architectural hotspot. It’s one of the few cities in Europe where Romanesque, Baroque, and Art Noveau buildings withstood the test of time and the disastrous effects of war. If you’re into architecture, Prague is certainly a paradise.

Famous Romanesque buildings in Prague are:

• St.George’s Basilica
• Rotunda of the Finding of The Holy Cross
• St. Longin’s Rotunda
• The Church of St. Marin in the Wall

Also within the city, standing, are the Baroque buildings of :

• The Church of Our Lady Victorious
• Strahov Monastery
• Church of St.Nicholas
• Troja Chateau
• The Loreta
• Sternberg Palace

Art Nouveau architecture doesn’t lag too, and great buildings are:

• Jerusalem Synagogue
• The House at the Black Madonna
• Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord
• Mucha Museum

Is It Good Museums in Prague?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Aside from being an architectural hotspot, another trait that makes Prague unique from other cities is the number of museums. Eighty museums are waiting for your visit. Here are the top museums that you should think about visiting.

Prague National Museum

The grandest museum in Prague is the National Museum. Karpa Maria Sterbeg founded it. As the most established museum of the city, Prague National Museum exists to uphold historical, cultural, and scientific exhibits that are always available for the public.

At the moment, Prague National Museum currently has 14 million items related to music, history, natural sciences, literature, and art. And due to the sheer number of collections, the building divides into a library museum, a historical museum, a natural sciences and history museum, and an art museum.

Prague National Gallery

Prague recognizes the importance of preserving Czech artistic heritage. And a building that embodies such perception is the Prague National Gallery. Prague National Gallery is one of the oldest institutions in the city and dates back to the 18th century.

Prague’s National Gallery is one of the most established not only in the Czech Republic but also in the entire European continent. Such recognition is due to its countless collections. Here’s a quick list of what the National Gallery currently has:

• 7,000 art pieces that date back to the 14th and 16th centuries coming from the nobles of Bohemia and central Europe.
• Rennaissance to late Classical art pieces
• 9,000 paintings and 5,000 sculptures of Classical Modernism dating back to the 19th century
• 10,000 art pieces of Modernism and Contemporary Art
• 400,000 graphical works dating back to the middle age and the most numerous in Europe
• 13,000 Asian art pieces coming from Japan, Korea, Tiber, and other parts of Asia.

Prague Museum of Alchemy and Magic

The search for the Philosopher’s Stone, The Elixir of Life, and the creation of artificial life a.k.a homunculus sounds like impossibilities in modern times. However, the practice of alchemy and magic was very prevalent in European cities during the 8th-18th century, Prague isn’t an exception.

And for this reason, Prague has its very own museum of alchemy and magic. In here, you can take a look and inspect olden flasks, skulls, and alchemical books. There’s even the alchemical lab of King Rudolf II, who made alchemy famous in Prague and other parts of Bohemia. Fake elixirs are also on display for more fun.

Are Museums Free In Prague?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Paid admissions for museums aren’t for making money. They’re implemented to cover the expenses for maintaining the collections inside. And for this reason, not all museums in Prague are free. It’s safe to say that at least 60% ask for payments for tours and other fun services.

Still, you can take a look at the history of Prague even if you really don’t have the budget for museum admissions. For free tours, consider visiting these:

Prague National Heroes Museum

This museum is an underground crypt that served as an underground hideout at the time of the Nazi invasion. Just look for the Church St Cyril and St Methodius and ask where the entrance is. This museum offers a detailed discussion and exhibit of the events that transpired during World War II paired with a video presentation without asking a single dime from you.

Museum of Infant Jesus

The Infant Jesus museum is a free exhibit of a tall wax figure of baby Jesus in the Church of Our Lady Victorious. Called by the locals as the Infant Jesus of Prague, the wax figure is about 47 centimeters tall and exists for about 300 years. It’s famous because many believe that it acts as the guardian of the city.

Army Museum

This museum is where you’ll find battle equipment like swords, guns, shields, axes, cannons, etc. You’ll also find photos of soldiers participating in World War II.

What Can You Do Alone In Prague?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Prague is a city that you’ll enjoy with your companions. But if you want to spend time for yourself, Prague doesn’t mind either. Consider doing these activities by yourself in Prague:

• Drinking delicious Czech Beer in Prague pubs and bars
• Taking street photos of aesthetically great avenues, streets, and buildings
• Tour the museums and art galleries
• Take a stroll on Charle’s Bridge
• Breathe fresh air in the Franciscan Gardens, Kampa Park, and Lenta Park

Is It Any Castles in Prague?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Prague has its share of castles since it’s an old European City. Castles here were once owned by dukes, vassals, kings, and other nobles. These are the ones that you might want to visit.

Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace is the residence of Abrecht von Wallenstein. He built-in from 1623-1630. It is a large complex consisting of the main wing, an audience chamber, and a chapel. Outside is an expansive garden and a man-made pond.

Prague Castle

Prague castle is the oldest castle within the city. In reality, it’s not a single building but is more of a collection of chapels, churches, palaces, courtyards, gardens, and fortifications that spans 18 acres. Prague castle is a famous location due to its baroque and gothic architectural elements.

Prague Most Gorgeous and Memorable Festivals in Prague

Prague International Music Festival

Prague international music festivals happen annually to create the bond that only music can create. The practice started in 1946. This festival is held in Prague’s National theatre or any other big theatre within the city. The presentation includes classical piano, orchestral music, etc.

Czech Beer Festival

This festival holds a beer competition for all of the leading beer brands all over the world. A tourist says that the Czech beer festival, which takes place in Prague, competes with the festivities happening in Ibiza and other lively regions of Spain.

Prague Bohemian Carnival

During this festival, expect to see parades of people wearing fancy clothes. None look strange nevertheless. Basically, what people wear are bright colored clothes that go with feather ornaments and headdresses. Prepare to take photos because pretty horses are around too.

Things To Do In Prague At Night?

Visiting Prague What Can You Do There?

Prague becomes a bit more solemn as night comes. However, the are still numerous fun activities that you can do. Nighttime in Prague is great if you do the following:

• Grab a drink in the Medieval Tavern, the oldest drinking place in Prague
• Spend time drinking coffee and eating pies at the American bar, one of the oldest bars in Prague
• Do club hopping and visit the Lucerna Music Bar, Roxy, James Dean, Hemingway Bar, and Karlovy Lazne
• Get a massage in Prague hotels
• A quick stroll at Pristav 18600
• Go shopping and Prague Old Town Square

Is Prague Dangerous?

The most common crimes in Prague are pickpocketing and the skimming of ATM cards. However, robbery, rape, and other grievous offenses aren’t very common. Petty crimes, especially pickpocketing, commonly happens on public transit, the market square, and crowded streets. Don’t worry so much about safety because Prague is part of the 100 safest cities in the list of Numbeo.

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