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The Top Tourist Destinations in Egypt

The Top Tourist Destinations in Egypt

In his book, ” The Kane Chronicles,” Rick Riordan said that everyone wants a taste of Egypt. I couldn’t agree more. Long famous tourist attractions such as the pyramids, tombs, and ruins never run out of new secrets to share. Golden tongued mummy, a book of the dead, cub lion mummies; on the other hand, that belittles the knowledge of people who think that they know everything about Egypt.

Read this travel guide if you haven’t been to Egypt before. I’ll take your imagination into the best pyramid, the best museum, and other places. And aside from that, I’ll also provide trivia, here and there, to make reading more enjoyable.

The Top Tourist Destinations in Egypt

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is Egypt’s first pyramid. It’s been on the face of Saqqarah for 4,700 years. Commanding the building of this pyramid in the past was Pharaoh Djoser, one of Egypt’s third dynasty rules during the period of the Old Kingdom.

Due to its unique stepping construction and notable age, the Pyramid of Djoser is popular with tourists though it’s not as gargantuan as the Pyramid of Khufu. Materials for building this 197-meter tall pyramid were 11.6 cubic feet of limestone. It took 100 000 workers to finish this pyramid.

This pyramid is the final resting place of King Djoser. However, aside from his tomb, archeologists found others as well. Together with King Djoser’s tomb within this pyramid are the tombs of his eleven daughters.

Two entrances are available for you to see what’s inside – north and south. The north entrance is where archeologists found the most preserved statue of King Djoser that’s now in the custody of the Cairo Museum. On the other hand, the south entrance will lead you to a large space that’s decorated with numerous columns.

Giza Pyramid Complex

The Top Tourist Destinations in Egypt

The Giza pyramid complex is very popular in Egpyt mostly because it’s a site where tourists can see lots of pyramids on a single trip. Come, and you’ll see the highest pyramid in Egypt – the Pyramid of Khufu – together with the Pyramid of Menkaure and Pyramid of Khafre.

The Pyramid of Khufu is the most popular of the three. It’s been featured in many movies such as Scoobydoo: Where’s My Mummy, Transformers Return of the Fallen, and The Mummy.

Here’s a fun fact the Pyramid of Khufu seems to only have 4 sides. However, view it from above with a helicopter or hot air balloon, and you’ll see that it actually has 6. Include the base, and the Pyramid of Khufu actually has 8 sides.

Coming second to the Pyramid of Khufu, in terms of height, is the Pyramid of Khafre. According to historians, the Pyramid of Khufu isn’t used for burials but rituals. This makes the Pyramid Khufu special, if true.

The smallest within the complex is the pyramid of Menkaure. Inside are intricate chambers, having carved decorative panels that are more magnificent than the Pyramid chambers of Khufu.

Cairo Museum

The Cairo Museum is the oldest in Egypt. It has been taking care of Egyptian artifacts since 1902. Accompanying is sheer age are the vast miscellany of 120,000 artifacts consisting of statues, masks, portraits, vases, and other objects found at the pyramids, the tombs, the ruins, and other excavation sites.

Upon visiting, you should immediately check out the halls of kings and queens. In here, you’ll find the mummified remains of King Ramses II, King Tuthmosis, Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Ahmose Nefertari, and more. All of these are housed using a glass cage so take time viewing each until you grow tired. Additionally, the coffins of the mummies are also available for you to view.

How about the artifacts? The artifacts are equally great as the moments. Those that you should see are the Narmer Palette, the Statue of Khafre, the Menkuria Triad, and the Statue of Ka-aper.

Mummification Museum

Egyptians are crazy about mummification, just like how people today are crazy about science and technology. Ancient Egyptians didn’t stop at mummifying humans. They also went as far as mummifying animals.

To see mummies of all kinds, go to the Mummification Museum in Luxor. This one serves well for quick viewing since you can see all of the displays in 30 minutes. The diversity of mummies is very astounding so bring a camera with you. What you’ll see are mummified dogs, cats, crocodiles, and other animals.

The mummification museum also holds quick lessons on how mummification is done. With that being said, consider coming if you’re going to write something about mummification and mummies.

The Golden Tongued Mummy of Taposiris Magna Temple

Egyptologists welcome the discovery of new mummies in the Taposiris Magna Temple in Alexandria. Taposiris Magna Temple is a temple that was built during the Ptolemaic period in Egypt.

The archeologists exhumed the new mummies from the newly discovered burial shafts within the temple. These are 16 of them, each containing poorly preserved 2,000 year-old-mummies. Out of these, archeologists find the golden-tongued mummy very intriguing.

Seeing the mummy in a museum right now might be impossible as scientists have to research to know its identity. Nevertheless, considering remembering it because the gold tongued mummy is a new sight in Egypt that you’ll be seeing soon.

Here’s a fun fact; Mummies found in the Taposiris Magna Temple aren’t that great because embalmers during the time of Ptolemaic Egypt aren’t as good as the embalmers of the later periods.

The Nile River

The Nile can always exist without Egypt, and it will continue to flow grandiosely under the basking heat of the sun. But the reverse isn’t true, and Egypt won’t even exist without the Nile. And for this reason, don’t leave Egypt without seeing the river that made Egyptian civilization flourish.

If you’re in Egypt, don’t hesitate to try the Nile Riverboat tours. These will take you along the sights that sit on the banks of Aswan, Luxor, and Giza – Giza Pyramid Complex, Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Temple of Edfu. Nile River’s isn’t arid as what television used to show. In fact, it has scenic spots where you’ll see the healthy growth of reeds where crocodiles might be lurking.

The Great Sphinx

What’s the Great Sphinx? Is it a human-lion hybrid? An alien? Or Ancient Egyptian understanding of a space ship? Figuring out what it depends upon the visitor. Nevertheless, one thing’s for certain. The head-on top of that robust lion body isn’t the original head.

If you don’t believe me, go to The Great Sphinx, take a tour, and ask the tour guide. They’ll tell you that this is true. Giving away this surprise is the fact that the head is too small for the lion’s body. This means that the original head might have been damaged and recarved into something else.

Scholars still debate the purpose of the Great Sphinx. Some say that it serves for spiritual purposes, while others say that it’s has something to do with the occasional flooding of the Nile. Even so, no matter which is true, one thing is for certain -The Great Sphinx is a symbol of ancient Egyptian knowledge about architecture and engineering.

The Valley of the Kings

The valley of the kings might be the real-life labyrinth of Minos. Above ground, this valley, which is 42 minutes, looks very normal – a rocky environment that breathes dry air. But underground is where the magic happens. Beneath the valley of kings are numerous tombs that belong to Egyptian nobles. There are so many that archeologists are still sure that there are more to discover.

All of the tombs in the valley of kings look very spectacular, though the mummies aren’t inside anymore. Most have well-preserved hieroglyphics that tell the story of their residents. If you’re a fan of Egypt’s youngest king, Tutankhamun, be sure t come because his tomb was found here.

Cleo Park

Egypt is hot regardless of the month or season. This must be the reason why ancient Egyptians considered Ra as the most powerful god of all. During the day, the sun gloriously shines upon major cities like Aswan, Luxor, and Cairo. And at night, the air can be quite dry, devoid of the moisture that evening brings.

Cleo Park is a famous aquapark in Egypt featuring the sights of ancient Egpyt. The environment is very unique. There are slides decorated with large figures of scorpions, scarabs, and other Egyptian animals. Kids will love this for a quick splash on the shallow pool. As for adults, they’ll enjoy the wave pool and the drinks at the nearby cafeteria which serve ice cream, soda, cocktail, and burgers.


Aswan is another option if you want to escape Egypt’s heart. The part of the Nile, near Aswan, is very clean. You’ll see a few tourists parasailing or riding the paddleboard. The riverside strolls are the best for you’ll see the orange backdrop of the sands of the Eastern Desert and the Sahara.

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