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15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bali

15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bali

Anais Nain once said that Bali is where religion and art fuse, and those residing on it are artists. I couldn’t agree more. Bali is a masterpiece that tourists shouldn’t ignore. It’s a place that provides tourism options that don’t run out. Prepare your feet because when in Bali, there’s always somewhere for you to visit and enjoy.

Most state that Bali only has beaches as its treasures. This isn’t true, however. Aside from the beaches, other fun locations in Bali offer enjoyable activities. For example, you can spend time with monkeys, witness religious dances, or explore abandoned tourist sites. That being said, here are the top-rated attractions in Bali, consisting of beaches, temples, and other notable spots on the island.

Bali is a melting pot of different tourist attractions. You have the temples, the cities, the beaches, the mountains, and the villages to visit. As for the top attractions, these are what most tourists agree as the best:

• Mount Agung
• Mount Badur
• Sacred Monkey Sanctuary
• Tukad Cepung Waterfalls
• Waterbom Bali
• Kelingking Beach
• Bali Museum
• Tegalalang Rice Terraces
• Tegenungan Waterfall
• Taman Festival
• Uluwatu Temple
• Melastic Beach
• Seminyak Beach
• Purak Besakih Temple Complex
• West Bali National Park

Read on to find out more about what these attractions have for you.

Mount Agung

15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bali

Mount Agung is an active volcano that serves as the highest point on the island of Bali. And for this reason, its seismic activities affect the weather of the island. The last eruption of Mt. Agung occurred in 2019. However, the most recent devastating eruption happened in 1963.

Near the foot of Mt. Agung are numerous rice fields. These have a very verdant color which turns golden yellow as harvest season comes. As you reach the foot of Mt.Agung, the landscape turns into a barren field of metamorphic rocks. This is where you’ll spend time riding all-terrain vehicles.

Try trekking Mt.Agung for a glimpse of the surrounding landscape. The dry season in Bali is the best time to do this. What you’ll see by trekking are wonderful patterns of the rice fields and the black landscape of Mt. Agung’s Foot.

Sacred Monkey Sanctuary

The locals in Bali, their ancestors, and the ancestors of their ancestors have believed in Hinduism for thousands of years. A key trait of Hinduism is the treatment of monkeys as sacred animals. Bali also adheres to this. And nothing serves as stronger evidence than the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary.

Existing long before Indonesia’s state emerged, the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary symbolizes the Balinese faith to the Monkey God Hanuman. No matter where you go, monkeys prowl around these 10-hectare forests. Numerous monkey statues and temples are around. These are the spots where monkeys love to frequent after stealing snacks from tourists.

Mount Badur

Mount Batur is the most active volcano on the island of Bali. It’s smaller than Mt.Agung. However, this mountain might be more scenic because it stands between two calderas. Moreover, it offers a fantastic view of the sea of clouds, Lake Batur, and the surrounding lava from the previous eruption.

Early treks are the highlight of the activities in Mt.Batur. Tourists have to reach the elevated spots of Mt.Badur before sunrise to see the sea of clouds. As it dissipates, Lake Batur and the black lava remains then reveal themselves. It’s a prerequisite to check the weather before coming because climbing Mt. Batur is perilous during wet days.

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is in Kuta. This is a 3.8 waterpark that features humongous slides for children and adults. It’s famous for its contraptions that follow international safety standards. Moreover, the pool is filtered using saltwater chlorination, ensuring that children don’t get skin disease or allergies even if they take a dip.

This waterpark is close to other attractions, so visiting will be worth your time. On the northwest is Kuta Beach, where you can sunbathe. Surrounding it are simple restaurants serving Indonesian seafood, noodles, and desserts. If you head southwest of the waterpark, there’s Jerman Beach, where you can meet other foreigners.

Tukad Cepung Waterfalls

15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bali

Tukad Cepung ranks first in the list of tourism activities in Tembuku, a small rural area in Bali. Those who have seen it say that this waterfall is phenomenal. Illuminated by the vibrant rays of the sun, this waterfall freely flows inside a small cavern. If you can’t imagine how it looks like, imagine the location of the fountain of youth in the Pirates of the Caribbean – there.

The best time to visit Tukad Cepung is during the off-season. By doing so, you’ll get to enjoy the shallow pool of the waterfall for yourself. Also, scenic spots like the huge boulder and the beautiful cave walls do well as background pictures if no photo bummers are around.

Kelingking Beach

15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Bali

Kelingking Beach is a small inlet in Nusa Pineda. Tourists love it for its turquoise water that’s very calm. Unlike other beaches in Bali, Kelingking beach doesn’t have cottages. This does a lot in preserving its shoreline that doesn’t stretch for long.

Aside from swimming and snorkeling, you should try trekking the cliff on the back of Kelingking Beach. Doing so will allow you to see the arching curve of Kelingking. If you’re feeling daring, you can also reach the top of either of the two adjacent cliffs that protrude to the ocean and dive from there.

Bali Museum

The Bali Museum serves as the repository of important cultural artifacts from the island. It stands near to the site of Denpasar’s old Royal Palace. The Bali Museum follows traditional Balinese architectural elements. A robust rock facade consisting of curls and swirls and pillars; and rock steps leading to the entrance.

Exploring the museum isn’t confusing as many tourists claim. Bali Museum divides into four sections, each having its own unique displays.

The Tabanan section is where you’ll see wooden masks that Balinese Hindu monks used. The Karangasem section pays tribute to the genius of Balinese sculptors and painters. The Buleleng section makes you understand the beauty of traditional Balinese textiles. And the Timur section is where you’ll see the bronze age Balinese spear and ceremonial drum.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces offers a quick scenic roadside photoshoot in Tegalalang. Consisting of numerous rice paddies levels going downhill, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces is one of Bali’s most treasured gems. Farmers nearby have been using the terraces for generations. And for this reason, Tegalalang is a tourist attraction that holds great social and cultural significance.

Mornings and afternoon make Tegalalang majestic. Witness as the growing rice crops bath on the radiant rays of the sun. But to see the best action, you should consider coming during the planting season and the harvest season. You’ll see the farmers in full action during these times.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Not far from Ubud is the Tegenungan Waterfalls. This one flows freely amidst a thick forest. To make tourism more lively, administrators decided to put several cottages and platforms here and there. Nevertheless, this doesn’t disrupt the natural beauty of Tegenungan, so get your camera ready.

The walls of Tegenungan waterfalls are divided into two sections; upper and lower. The lower section is climbable and serves as a wide standing platform for guests. Above it is the upper section, where some pools are found. Tegenungan isn’t deep, and its current isn’t strong. Swimming is very safe, and drowning accidents are very rare.

Taman Festival

Taman Festival is an old theme park in Denpasar. A visit to it might be what you need if you want to look at something that’s not mainstream. The highlight of the Taman festival is the eerie graffitis that local artists made. Trees and grasses infest the theme park’s vicinity, and these provide a very eery feeling of remoteness.

The afternoon is the best place to come because the theme park becomes more shadowy. Bring a mosquito repellant as not to spoil your time. According to those who frequent it, the Taman Festival is a popular location for local daredevils who go into the night for some ghosthunting.

Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu Temple perched atop a 70-meter cliff in Uluwatu. According to historians, Uluwatu might have been built as an extension to a temple that has already existed on the site since the 11th century. Nevertheless, this is a claim that’s subject to debate.

Uluwatu Temple provides tourists with a magnificent coastal view. It also serves as an alternative to the sacred monkey temple. A lot of monkeys live on the premises, which surprise unwary tourists. The highlight of the activities to do in Uluwatu is the viewing of the Kecak Dance.

Purah Besakih Temple Complex

Purah Besakih is a tourist spot consisting of numerous temples that are centuries old. On its back is the magnificence of Mt. Agung that you shouldn’t miss in the afternoon. Out of all temples that comprise Purah Besakih, you should lay your eyes on the architecture of Shiva’s Temple, Brahma’s Temple, and Vishnu’s Temple.

A lot of cultural celebrations happen in Pura Besakih. That’s why you should always consider visiting it. The best time to visit is during the Balinese holidays that are closely tied to Hindu customs – the day of silence, for example.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is Bali’s most spacious beach. Its shoreline spans for 3 kilometers, so the recreational options that are available for you never run out. You can play volleyball with other tourists, rent a bike and travel along the shore, go swimming, head to the wavy spots of the beach and surf, etc.

The sunset is the highlight in Seminyak Beach. Hang around and watch as the horizon and the sea adapts to the orange color of the sun. While watching this, get a fire ready because a sumptuous feast of roasted goods is an option before returning to the hotel.

West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park is a protected area in Bali consisting of a seaside area and a forested area. It’s a place you need to visit if you want to do a lot of things on a single trip.

If you go to the National Park seaside area, you’ll enjoy guided snorkeling tours with guides that know where most of the fishes love to hang out. On the other hand, the forested area is where you’ll enjoy guided tours for seeing Black Monkeys, Bali Starlings, and deers.

Before heading home, take a walk on the shoreline because there’s always something for you to see. The seaside environment of West Bali National Par is very relaxing. Thus, walking around is a great way to decide where to go next.

Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is one of the beaches in Bali that tourists can’t easily crowd. It has a stunning white limestone landscape, which a hill overlooks. Because the water is deep and the waves strong, Melasti is an ideal spot for surfers and parasailers.

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