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12 Top-Rated Beaches in Barbados

12 Top-Rated Beaches in Barbados

Starting with rough surf spots to pristine bays, Barbados boasts of having a considerable number of beautiful beaches. A section of the coastlines famous with tourist crowds while others are situated on the deserted coastline areas. The coastline of Barbados covers more than 70 miles. Therefore, you might wish to narrow it down to find the best beach based on what you prefer.

If you decide to search for the best beach in Barbados, you might find it challenging to locate one. That is because every seashore is unique, but the choice will depend on your personal preferences. For instance, the west coast beaches are ideal for snorkeling and swimming. On the contrary, the east coast is ideal for exploring the rugged island, hiking, and surfing. Here are the 12 Top-Rated Beaches in Barbados.

1. Silver Sands

Not all beaches in Barbados involve relaxing under the beach sun and occasionally frolicking in the waves. Surprisingly, Silver Sands is suited for people who wish to experience their adrenaline. This shore is the best for kiteboarding due to its strong and steady winds on the coastline. In case the wind is strong, you can see kites launching into the air.


If you like photography, Silver Sands has beautiful sites for you. Apart from kiteboarding, the coastline has large waves which attract surfers. Most people visit this shore for surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and windsurfing.

2. Brandon

It is approximately 20 minutes stroll from the port where the ship’s docks. You will be welcomed by soft sands, small waves, and clear waters. There are also umbrellas, loungers, and chairs for rent at affordable rates. The shoreline has small trees that offer adequate shade, and it is rarely overcrowded. Brandon is known as one of the best spots in Barbados for snorkeling. It also has an array of colorful fish and an extensive section of coral reefs. The coastline water is shallow for a large distance from the shore, making it ideal for swimmers of different abilities.

3. Holetown

In case you like beaches with a lower key, Holetown is the best place you can visit. Holetown is situated on the Northern side of Sandy Lane. It has a lovely stretch of sand which makes it ideal for you to relax. The seashore has bathrooms, lifeguard facilities, and safe swimming zones that are marked by buoys.


If you wish you can rent the seashore umbrellas and chairs. There is also a stall where you can buy locally designed souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing. Several watersports outlets operate within this seaside and provide sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing.

4. Fitts village

It is a small fishing village on the West Coast at St. James Paris. The beach’s name was derived from Benjamin Thomas Fitt. Benjamin was the initial owner of the land that slopes down to the Caribbean Sea’s calm and warm aquamarine water. Once you visit the area, you will see a few old-fashioned Bajan fishing boats.


The seashore is beautiful with an enormous stretch of white powdery sand, hibiscus bushes, and casuarina trees. Fitts Village is normally quiet, making it ideal for relaxing and enjoying your preferred activities. The coastline is relatively safe and calm for swimming. However, you because there are rocks underneath and there are no lifeguards.


If you love highly active activities, the consistent waves at the coastline are ideal for surfing, skimboarding, and boogie boarding. Visitors can also access the rare opportunity of seeing turtles that visit the area occasionally. If you want to eat food, you can access a restaurant that provides drinks, snacks. It also has toilets, showers, and changing area.

5. Mullins Bay

Mullins Bay has adequate parking and easy access, making it one of the best places you can visit. It is one of the ideal shores in Barbados where you can spend your day with your friends or family. The beautiful surrounding of the seashore includes rocky limestone cliffs to the Northern side. There are also several private villas towards the Southern end of the coast.


The shoreline is ideal for relaxing or adding more energy to engaging in more strenuous activities. You can rent umbrellas, loungers from the shore vendors. There are also several watersports outlets for you to rent giant rubber rings, banana boats, and jet skis. As you move a few miles from the seaside, you will find several attractions.


The recommendable attractions include Arlington House Museum, St. Nicholas Abbey run plantation, and the beautiful town of Speights town.

6. Brownes

The beach overlooks Carlisle Bay. Brownes is ideal for people who are planning to stay in Bajun Capital in Bridgetown. It is one of the largest island beaches, with stretches of white, soft sand and calm waters lapping the shore. The coastline begins at the Boatyard up to Needham’s point. Due to its calm waters, it is considered one of the greatest places for swimming. It also has lifeguards who are on duty daily. There are also numerous shipwrecks at the seashore, contributing to the rise in marine life in this area. You will certainly enjoy visiting Browns if you are a snorkeler or diver.

7. Folkstone marine park

It is a small shore with calm water and one of the best for a family outing. The public park has picnic tables for a family feast, a waterfront boardwalk, a children’s playground, and a tennis court. Folkstone marine park is one of the best places in Barbados that you can visit for diving. At approximately 800 meters offshore, you will get a purposely sunken ship known as Stavronikita in 36.5m of water.


Closer to the shoreline, you will get reefs in shallow water with colorful fish darting. When you visit the seaside, you can either take a stand-up paddleboard or snorkel. Further, the coastline has a museum that showcases local marine life through a large aquarium and various displays. Certainly, children can love visiting the aquarium because it has several colorful sponges, coral reefs, and fish.

8. Crane

Crane has a spectacular setting characterized by towering cliffs. Crane is located in the Southeast area of Barbados. Crane is protected by an offshore reef that is backed by tropical rainforests and swaying palms. The beach has a renowned Crane Hotel, and it was initially a harbor. Its name was derived from large cliff-top cranes that were used for loading and unloading ships.


Depending on the season that you visit the seashore, the waves can be large. However, the offshore reef protects the seaside from experiencing the worst waves. The beach is the best spot for surfing or boogie boarding when the waves are manageable.


The accessibility to the coastline is limited to two options. The first path includes walking down 98 steps, while the second is through an exclusive crane resort. In case you have mobility problems, you can access the coast through the resort. The shore is the best for a romantic getaway ceremony.

9. Paynes Bay

Paynes Bay is one of the ideal beaches in St. James, Barbados, especially for families. It has a wide sweeping arc of sand and gently swaying casuarina and palm trees. The water at the shore does not have currents or waves, making it the best place for snorkeling and swimming.


The coastline becomes fairly busy, especially between November to April, although it does get overcrowded. Paynes Bay has several parking facilities, retail outlets for food and refreshments, on-duty lifeguards, toilets, and showers.


Once you visit this seashore, you can access numerous water sports activities, including catamaran sailing and jet skiing. The calm waters and shallow reefs make this seashore the best for snorkeling conditions. There are huge sea turtles, and children might love seeing them.

10. Bathsheba

Bathsheba is one of the best top-rated spots in Barbados for surfing, and it is known for its world-class Atlantic waves. At this seashore, you will get the famous Soup Bowl. The Soup Bowl is a major surfing spot that hosts regular international and local surfing competitions. Since it has appropriate surfing conditions throughout the year, you can find that the Bathsheba shore becomes busy during competition.


Although the coastline appears inviting, swimming is not recommended due to strong undercurrents. However, the coast has several beautiful natural pools that you can safely swim in. Apart from surfing, you can enjoy other activities such as visiting the famous Bathsheba rock. There are also several restaurants where you can enjoy and relax as you watch the surfers.

11. Bath

Bath is one of the most instrumental and safest beaches on the east coast of Barbados. It is located on the Eastern area of the coast at St. John near Codrington College. Unlike other beaches in Barbados, Bath rarely experiences strong currents. In particular, the coastal waters are protected by offshore coral reefs. The coral reefs are thought to offer the safest place for bathing and swimming.


The casuarina trees and the strong fresh breezes offer several cool shady places where you can enjoy relaxing picnics. The major facilities you can access at the seaside include washrooms, a small snack shop, picnicking areas, and an extensive car park. Notably, you can access a few holiday homes at Bath that provide an ideal escape from the coastline bustle and hustle.


The coastline has a large playground that is perfect for children to play and relax. In case you like to stay active, you can walk to the northern side of the seaside. You can also walk to Conger Rocks and Consent Bay. The seashore experiences a strong current in some cases, and the coasts display a red flag to mark the safest area. However, you cannot be guaranteed of always finding a lifeguard.

12. Reeds Bay

Reeds Bay is situated between Speights town, Mullins Bay, and Gibbs Bay to the North of St. James. The beach is characterized as being idyllic, relaxing, and quiet. The amazingly clear and warm seawater tends to change its color from yellowy-green to turquoise to deep blue. Swimming at the coastline can make you feel like relaxing on a desert island, accompanied by stillness and solitude.


You can enjoy such an amazing experience in the early morning or afternoon. As you relax, you can watch the catamaran day cruise organizers who frequently use the seashore for snorkeling and swimming.


The coastline is predominantly used by Bajan people and tourists due to the presence of several private villas. Just like other shores in the Barbados, Reeds Bay is a public seashore. Despite its remote location, you can find facilities such as loungers, umbrellas, showers, and toilets. However, there are no lifeguards at the seashore. That means you should be vigilant if you are a novice swimmer or you have children.


Fortunately, the coastline has a marked area that is safe for swimming. It would help if you respected the marked area for safety purposes because of several jet skis, catamarans, and fishing boats. There are also mature trees along the shore, which offer adequate shade. Most importantly, the seashore is situated directly from the main bus route, meaning you can easily access it.

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