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Is Thailand worth visiting?

Is Thailand worth visiting?

The smell of spicy shrimp soup and spicy papaya salad from simple food stores fill the air. In the distance are local stores selling clothes, gadgets, and ornaments at unbelievably low prices. Around you are people constantly walking and enjoying the bustling and vibrant surroundings. Before you know it, you already realized. Only Thailand can bring this kind of vibe. But is it worth it to visit Thailand?

Of course, it’s worth it. A trip to Thailand will be a vacation where you won’t have to think about finances or where to go. It’s a place that successfully developed tourism to a whole different level. If it’s your first time traveling in Asia, Thailand should be the first destination on your list.

This Thailand travel guide will be very useful if you’re thinking twice about coming. By the time you finish reading, I’ll make sure that you already know the best beaches, best resorts, best nightlife, and other important info about Thailand.

Thailand is like a melting pot for tourists of different cultures. By the time you set your foot on Thailand’s ground, expect to meet Koreans, Japanese, Americans, and Europeans in local shops, restaurants, beaches, and other locations.

The reason why many go here is that lots of flights offer discounted tickets for going to Thailand. Aside from this, the cost of living in Thailand while it is very cheap. If you’re not picky about where to eat, a hundred dollars will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings.

Know that the price of food in Thailand is relatively cheaper than the accommodation that a restaurant gives. This means that you can eat in a luxury style resto in Thailand without spending a lot.

Aside from this, Thailand becomes fancier as nighttime comes. It’s common for hidden stores to close in the daytime and open at night. Some local shops that specialize in selling specific special and interesting items are more likely to be seen during the sun’s retreat.

Not to mention, sellers on the streets of Thailand love to give special discounts to clients during nighttime.

If you’re from other Asian countries, traveling to Thailand is a must because it only requires passports for nationals belonging to states that are part of the ASEAN region

Is Bangkok The Best Location for Your Visit To Thailand?

I won’t say that Bangkok is the best. However, you’ll find most of the fun things here. Shopping centers, food stalls, luxury restaurants, casinos, etc. All of them are in Bangkok. Therefore, before going to other Thailand locations, you should head to Bangkok first so that you won’t miss anything.

On the flip side, you have to visit Pattaya and Phuket to experience the wondrous beaches that Thailand has to offer. You can access Pattaya and Phuket from Bangkok via land travel. You can either choose to rent a car or ride on public transport vehicles.

So what are some of the top beaches and resorts in Thailand that you have to visit? Proceed to the next section to find out.

Top Beaches in Thailand

Pattaya Beach

Is Thailand worth visiting?

At the edge of Pattaya city lies Pattaya beach. This is a white sand-filled beach that faces a sky blue sea with joyful waves. Up ahead are hotels that provide a wonderful view of the coast and the sea at the same time. If you’re looking for great beachside hotels and a good tan, Pattaya is the place to go.

Jomtien Beach

10 minutes away from Pattaya beach is the calmer and more serene Jomtien Beach. Pattaya’s coast can be filled with tourists, vendors, and other distractions. If you think that Pattaya beach is too chaotic, then Jomtien is your always accessible Shangri-La.

I love Jomtien beach for many reasons. First, tourists here aren’t as many as those in Pattaya. Secondly, the noise of the surroundings is more bearable. Thirdly, the beach is very windy. Therefore, it’s a good retreat from the arid environment of Pattaya or Bangkok.

Phuket Beach

is thailand worth visiting

Phuket has numerous wonderful beaches. This article will be very long if I elaborate on all of them here. However, there’s one characteristic that beaches in Phuket have. They’re filled with crystalline waters and majestic coastline that will take your worries away.

Similan Island Beach

14 Unique And Beautiful Beaches In Asia

Far away from Bangkok is Similan Island Beach. It’s quite far that you might have to ride for a day or so before arriving. Nevertheless, a little road trip won’t hurt. Roads offer a wonderful view of the cities, the countrysides, and the locals.


Similan Island beach is a diver’s paradise. You should go here if you’re fond of snorkeling or scuba diving. The fishes living in the waters of Similan are very playful. There are many living in the multi-colored corals. Visibility is quite good, so you won’t have to worry about accidents.

Top Resorts in Thailand

Khatathani Beach Resort - Phuket

Khatathani Beach Resort stands very near to Phuket’s coastline. It has numerous rooms with good basic amenities such as a television, a mini-fridge, a comfortable bed, etc. Nevertheless, the view of Phuket beach makes this resort an ideal place to stay for the night.


During the morning, you’ll be able to see the vibrance of Phuket’s waters in full action. At night, you can opt to go outside and hang out with other tourists in the swimming pool. The next day, you may then engage in this resort’s Phuket trip and explore till you drop.

Soneva Khiri Resort - Kood Kood Island

This resort is miles away from Thailand’s mainland. However, it’s the place to go for soul searching. The interior design of this resort’s rooms fits with the natural setting of the surroundings. Furthermore, the swaying of the palm trees is a sight to behold.

This resort is the place to go if you feel that life is about to beat down on you.

Thai Garden Resort - Pattaya

Most resorts around Pattaya are very busy. They’re okay if you’re fine interacting with others. If you’re aiming to rest your soul and mind, a good location in Pattaya is the Thai Garden Resort.


Thai Garden Resort emulates the serenity of the resorts in Similan and Kood Kood Islands. It’s a resort that’s filled with planted vegetation. Plants that fill the area of this resort range from exotic flowers, palm trees, and other plants.

How To Experience the Best Food In Thailand?

Is Thailand worth visiting?

As much as possible, you don’t want to eat at luxury restaurants on the premises of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and other famous tourist locations. Hey! You’re in the land of spices. Therefore, you should try the local delicacies because they will blow your mind.

For the best dishes, opt to eat at local stores on the streets or along the Chao Phraya. Some might not have a clean set-up. Nevertheless, it’s time to forget trivial things and indulge your tongue.


The following are my personal recommendations for the best foods in Thailand:


• noodle soup – this dish consists of broth, noodles, chicken meat, beef meat, and tons of garnishes. It has a tangy and savory taste. Noodle soup is great after partying hard in Phuket or Pattaya.

• papaya salad – papaya salad has a very spicy feel in the mouth. It’s a bit sour, sweet, and salty at the same time. The spices balance all these flavors and meld them into a savory taste. papaya salad goes well as a side dish for roasted Thai delicacies

• gai or moo bing – this isn’t your average chicken or pork barbecue. I love gai or moo bing because it has a strong kick of hotness accompanied by a sweet and salty taste. Not to mention, the chicken meat or pork meat is very tender, that they suck flavors well.

• spicy shrimp soup – this dish is just heavenly. The spiciness and hotness of the soup don’t cancel the sweet flavor of shrimp meat. Instead, they take the natural flavor of shrimp to the next level. this is one food that will make you beg for an aromatic bowl of rice.

• everything roasted – I also love Thai roast dishes. Whether it’s fish, meat, or vegetables, Thai cooks really know how to incorporate a smokey, rich, and focused flavor on their roasted dishes.

When The Sun Goes Down: What Is Nightlife In Thailand Like?

Is Thailand worth visiting?

How Do You Spend The Night in Phuket at Pattaya?

The nights in Phuket and Pattaya is all about beachside parties that last the whole night. These aren’t just normal parties. Normally, they’re filled with fun activities that involve prizes for winners. Of course, there are opportunities to know others and get in touch with them.

How Do You Spend The Night in Bangkok?

At night, Bangkok becomes infested with small restaurants, food shops, and consumer goods stores. Therefore, the best way to spend your night here is to walk around, try various street foods, and buy clothes or other merchandise.

You can also opt to go to clubs to drink beer while watching bands perform live. Don’t worry because the songs that they play range from country, pop, rock, and other genres.

If you don’t want to see bands, you can go to places that hold night parties and befriend locals or fellow tourists.

Concluding Thoughts

You should think about going to Thailand first if you’re looking for a vacation that doesn’t strain your budget but is reminiscent of luxurious visits to other countries.

Thailand doesn’t care about your standard of living. Whether income is good or constricted, the cost of living and exploring Thailand will never exceed your finances.

That said, Thailand is where you should go to save on money but not on the fun!

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